Can you see up to 1000000 flamingos in space?

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Probably not, but you can probably see 1000000 flamingos from an airplane.
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How far into space can Hubble see?

Answer . Hubble can see somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 billion light years into space (knows as "the observable universe).\n. \nThat would be about 120,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 miles.

What is a flamingo?

A flamingo is a long legged pink feathered wading bird of Africa.It has a large down turned beak for sifting shallow lakes for shellfish etc which maintains the pink plumage. The broad pink wingshave black wing tips. There was also an aircraft of the 1930s called the De Havilland(UK) Flamingo. It wa ( Full Answer )

Can you see the space shuttle with a telescope?

actually you can, but it all depends on the weather. In 2006, you could see Discovery docking with the International Space Station during the twilight hours in clear weather. . "The appearance of either the Space Shuttle or the International Space Station moving across the sky is not in itself unu ( Full Answer )

What will you see in space?

Answer . When in space and looking out, the observer will see a lot of black. Light will come from stars and galaxies, and will be reflected from planets or other bodies around, but the rest of the "sky" will be black. Light will arrive at the observers position without being scattered by atmosph ( Full Answer )

Where can you see a space shuttle launch?

Cape Kennedy is the best viewing followed by Titusville and theCape Canaveral area are best. Kennedy Space Center sells tickets to the prime viewing area a fewweeks before each launch. For those who cannot travel to the area,you can watch the launch on the internet through NASA TV. However there ar ( Full Answer )

Can you see space station from earth?

Most definitely YES. Visit this website: Click on "Sighting Opportunities", Select Country, State (or Province), City It will say when and where to look. It is always just after sunset or just before sunrise, when it is dark enough to see ( Full Answer )

What did Sally Ride see in space?

that is why she is a space scientist now i think she works on all kinds of space things like that but it is just that i donnt know what she wanted to be when she wanted to be when she was growing up it seemed that she wanted to be a scientist because that is what she is today i know how old she is b ( Full Answer )

How do you see color in outer space?

The same way you would see colour on Earth, by the reception of light waves by your eyes. I was taught that we see color because our atmosphere refracts light much like a prism breaks out each color from visible light. Since there is no atmosphere in space I don't understand how we see color.

Can you see colors in space?

Yes. However, in most parts of "space" there's nothing to see, or there's not enough light to see by. We live on a planet fairly close to a star, so we have plenty of light - but beyond the orbit of, say, Saturn, there wouldn't really be enough sunlight to see stuff. So we'd need to provide our own ( Full Answer )

How To get 1000000?

1. type in club penguin lodge money maker 2. type your user name and password 3.go down to 100,000 coins 4. click on get coins 5. wait until it says 100,000 has successfully been added to your account!!!!

Can you see the Hubble Space Telescope from space?

If you are close enough to the Hubble, yes, you can see it from space. Also, check out the related link. There, you can enter your location, and it will give you instructions for when and where to look in order to see overpasses of the HST from your location on the ground .

Do flamingos sleep standing up?

no they do lay down. Answer . They don't lie down, they sleep stood on one leg, this helps blood circulate around the body due to it's very thin legs. Some other birds are the same.

Can you see people on earth in space?

NO because earth is too big and from the flattest place on earth to space would be a bagillion miles away. Another Answer Not with the unaided eye. Think of ants at your feet. Now, think of ants on the ground from 10 floors up. Try this, think of people on the ground from 10 floors up. No ( Full Answer )

How do you write Roman numerals up to 1000000?

Roman numerals.... 1 = I 2 = II 3 = III 4 = IV (or IIII on old clocks, watches and sundials) 5 = V 6 = VI 7 = VII 8 = VIII 9 = IX 10 = X 20 = XX 30 = XXX 40 = XL 50 = L 60 = LX 70 = LXX 80 = LXXX 90 = XC 100 = C 500 = D 1000 = M 2000 = MM 3000 = MMM After 3000 thousand are written by either placing ( Full Answer )

Where in Florida can you see live flamingos?

Other then in zoos, you would need the to go to the Keys during a specific time of year to see the wild flamingos. Due to Human encroachment and over population most wild flamingos are no longer in Florida like they once were.

How do you see in space?

When it is dark (as it is esier to make out lights eg. stars) look out into the sky. If you have a pair of binoculars you can use them. If you are lucky enough to have a telescope then just use that.

Can you see the space needle from space?

No. The Space Needle is too small to be seen from space. The only man made structure you can see from space is the Great Wall of China. I'm ten years old. How am I supposed to know? well not unless you have a new high tech one that takes really cool pictures of the earth and you can see huge things ( Full Answer )

What is there to see in space?

There are a huge amount of things to see: Stars Moons Asteroids Meteors Planets Galaxies Comets Nebulae Satellites Spacecraft Fireballs Rings around planets Quasars. All of these and much more can be seen. There are unusual occurrences, like eclipses, transitions and oc ( Full Answer )

When can you see the space station?

It is possible to see the Space Station in almost any part of the world at various times. You can find out when it is visible from where you are by checking some of the websites that have that information. Two such websites are listed in the Related Links below..

What is used to see space?

A telescope is used to see objects that exist in space. There are many sizes and types of telescopes. Many observations are also made by observing the behavior of planets etc. For example, a black hole observation. Spectroscopy is also used to make observations. Radio waves are also used. Th ( Full Answer )

Is there UP in space?

No; the directions up and down are defined by the gravitational attraction of nearby bodies only. No; the directions up and down are defined by the gravitational attraction of nearby bodies only. No; the directions up and down are defined by the gravitational attraction of nearby bodies only. No; ( Full Answer )

Why can't you see stars in space?

If you mean from here on Earth, it is usually due to pollution or "light pollution" (excess light) which causes eye pupils and camera irises to adjust for brightness, thus keeping the dim starlight from being seen. Astronauts in space can see stars, so long as there is no bright light to force th ( Full Answer )

Can telescopes see 1000000 miles away?

A million miles away? Better start reading up. The Hubble Telescope can see 13.7 billion light-years out. Doing the math, that 13,700,000,000 light-years times 5,900,000,000 miles per light-year, or 80,830,000,000,000,000,000 miles, almost 81 quintillion miles.

What objects can you see from outer space?

In outer space, you can easily see the Sun, and the stars; if you know where to look, the planets are also visible. The Earth and Moon, of course. If you are looking at the Earth, there isn't much that you can see other than lakes, oceans, mountains, coastlines and clouds; LOTS of clouds. With th ( Full Answer )

Why can you see objects in space?

You can see objects because they are so big and that's how its created. This is what destiny has put you for. Some people can't and that's because its their destiny.

How does Steven Hawking see in to space?

I am sure he has looked through a telescope at some time and of cause he can look up at the night sky. However most of what the does in relation to cosmology is done using maths and equations in his head.

Can you see the great wall from the space?

No, Actually. The Great Wall of China is not visible from space UNLESS you have a telescope, binoculars, etc. Think about it. The wall is only the width of an average free-way in thinner parts.

What do scientists use to see into space?

X-Ray telescopes. Thermal Telescopes. Space Probes Im doing this in school now, and im only 14 so i ain't that intelegent but hope this helps

Why can't you see space from earth?

What actually you see during heads & eyes up is space. During day it's the sun during night it's the wonderful band of stars & d lovely moon. That's only the space.

Does space take up space?

i think space is the limit.there is nothing after it or above it dosent take space. by sharjeel ahmed dubai

What can flamingos do?

FLAMINGOS can eat so diff. from humans. They can fly which is also what a human cant do either.

What does hubble space telescope see?

Hubble space telescope sees very detailed pictures of the happenings in the cosmos like very detailed pictures of a death of a star.

What you can see from space in earth?

I'm not sure exactly what you are asking. Do you mean "What features on Earth can you see from space?" There are no man-made objects on Earth that are visible in daytime from even low-Earth orbit about 120 miles up, not even the Great Wall of China. You need at least a small telescope to see any m ( Full Answer )

Can you see a beam of light in space?

A nice question to be thought about. Actually we cannot see the light passing in free space. While we look at the sunlight coming through a hole at home it becomes possible only when we have dust particles on its way. So in freespace as we don't have such particles we cannot see the light passing ne ( Full Answer )

How you cannot see sky from space but can see ocean from space?

The "sky" is just our atmosphere, which is mostly transparent. Actually, you CAN see the "sky" from space, if you're looking across the horizon; you can see the hazy glow of our atmosphere around the curvature of the Earth. But when you are looking down, you're looking through a thin enough layer ( Full Answer )

What are the digits from one to 1000000 added up?

The answer is 27,000,001! . It is this because 0+999,999=999,999. And 1+999,998=999,999. Sowhat is 9+9+9+9+9+9? It is 54. And there are 500,000 pairs. So whatis 54x500,000? It equals 27,000,000! But we haven't added thedigits of 1,000,000. So 1+0+0+0+0+0+0=1. And now we add it to27,000,000. And tha ( Full Answer )

How far can we see into space?

We can see objects in space which are even more distant with the naked eye. The Moon is 385,000 km away and the Sun is a whopping 150 million km . Visible all the way down here on Earth, the most distant object in the solar system we can see, without a telescope, is Saturn at 1.5 billion km away. ( Full Answer )