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YES, IF-IF-IF you can pay the loan off. The lender will have to be involved in the sale to get the paperwork done.Lenders will NOT release the title until the loan is paid in full. Dont get yourself in a mess trying to do it alone. Find out from the lender what the payoff is and then make sure you have that amount ready to give the lender when you complete the sale. Good Luck

What if creditors already are looking for it/reposession order already out for it? Can this still be done?

Likely the only way to do it is CALL the lender, get the payoff and get that amount to them NOW.They want the money more than the car.....

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Q: Can you sell a vehicle that is about to be repossessed so you can pay off the lien?
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How can I sell a vehicle in Texas that has a mechanic's lien?

Either pay off the lien and then sell the vehicle, or sell the vehicle and use the money to pay off the lien.

How do you sell a car of a deceased person that has a lien on it is it best for the children of the deceased to let the car be repossessed?

Pay off the lien is the simplest way. That can be done by selling the vehicle. Hopefully it is worth more than the loan amount, so the estate will have additional assets.

How do you sell a car that has a child support lien on it?

You must pay off the lien. A vehicle with a lien on it cannot be vended (sold) legally. There is no way to transfer a title as the motor vehicle folks will know that a hold (the lien) has been placed on it.

How long is a mechanic's lien good in North Dakota?

Until you pay it off. If you try to sell the vehicle, the mechanics lien will prevent you from doing so.

Can you renew registration for a paid vehicle that has a lien on it?

No... a vehicle which has a lien against it isn't paid off.

What is the statue of limitations on a car lien?

The lien is no longer applied to the vehicle when the loan is paid off. You can then get a lien release from the lender. As long as the loan has not been paid off the vehicle still has a lien on it.

What if your car was repossessed and the lien holder charged it off but sold the debt to someone else?

You are still walking. You must pay off the new holder of the note. act wuick as they will sell it fast.

How can you sell an ATV with a lien on it?

Pay off the lien with the proceeds of the sale.

What happens when a vehicle is purchased outright from a private seller and the title has a third party lien and the vehicle gets repossessed?

VICTIM buyer has to pay off the leinholder to get car. And/or sue con seller. Leinholder WILL get their money. GOOD LUCK...

Can you sell a house with a lien on it?

You have to pay off your bills. That is why these people put a lien on your house.

You brought a car at a buy here pay here dealer you were not given a titlle that state there a lien on the vehicle?

If you have a lien on the vehicle (you are paying it off) You will likely not get the title until the vehicle is paid off.

Can I get a lien on a vehicle that is paid off. I need #3k, and my vehicle is worth $3300. OUr credit is not good due issues out of our control. Thanks, Shannon?

No, once the vehicle is paid off the lien is released.

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