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Not enough. You will get more money for you items if you sell to anywhere EXCEPT Gamestop.

You can sell used games at Gamestop. They give you your money back, too.

yes and no, they give you stor cred not money

Yes, you can sell videogames to GameStop, but, they do not give you money in return, unlike Game Crazy.

$30-$50 Dont waste your time inn GAMESTOP instead sell in a local pawn shop.

The xbox will sell for 49.99 at gamestop.

50 dollars to sell or to trade with a game .... get a 50 $ game

SELL ON EBAY THEY WILL GIVE YOU MORE but if you sell it at gamestop you will get $11.00

If you sell your PS2 at GameStop, you will get 10-30 dollars. It actually depends what day, if it you sell it like 5 years, they will keep lowering how much money you will get back.

All you have to do is bring your unwanted games and tell them you want to sell the unwanted games, but i won't garantee that you'll be satisfied with the money they give you.

Yep, but you won't get much money. You should sell it on eBay.

how much money will i get if i sell my psp 1001

They sell for $75 on amazon and you would get less from Gamestop

eBay or Gamestop. I would sell it on eBay you will get more money.

most game-stops will give store credit not money. any where between $15.00 to 50.00 depending on the condition of the console.

Do. Not. Sell. It. To. Gamestop. Pokemon Emerald is really rare now a days so try selling it on ebay. A lot of people would pay a lot to get it. I have 2 :)

If you get lucky, it could be $3 or $4. I would advise to go elsewhere is you're at least going to sell something. The only reason why you should sell Mario Kart 7 to Gamestop is that you really need the money right then and there.

Once i offered to give gamestop my ps2 memory card and they said it was worth 1 cent and they sell it for 10 bucks.

Of course you can. gamestop does not care . All they want to do is make money. I traded in a bunch of games without the manuals and broken cases.

It is hard to tell how much a person can get for selling 30 games at Gamestop. It really all depends on ha games you are wanting to sell and what shape they are in.

there are many ways to sell one. you can sell it to gamestop, you can sell in a garage sell, sell it to the next person you see. but the best way is to sell it to gamestop. because you might get some money from them. and some one else can buy it as a used game. go to japan

instead of trading at gamestop which won't get you much. sell it at eBay abd let the bidders do the rest. after that use the money to buy a ds lite or NEW DSI. or you could give it to me

Gamestop locations do sell used Nintendo Game Cubes.

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