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Yes, but the buyer cannot drive away with it until the title is signed over. You can seal the deal by giving him a bill of sale which is legally binding if you both sign it. This ensures the buyer that the deal has been made and the title is his once it arrives.

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Q: Can you sell your car while waiting for the duplicate title?
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Where can you sell a car for parts without a title legally?

You can't. Get a duplicate title.

You paid your car loan off can you sell it while waiting on the title?

No, you cannot sell a car without a clear, lien free, title. Wait for the clear title or you are asking for problems.

Can you sell a vehicle in California if you don't have the title?

NO. Contact your local DMV and get a duplicate Title.

How do you sell a car if you dont have the title?

In most states, just go to your DMV and apply for a duplicate title.

I am trying to sell my car but i can't find the title what do i need to do?

Go to your local dmv and get a duplicate title.

How can i get rid my car without the title and registered in another state?

You cannot sell or trade a car without a title. Apply for a duplicate title at your local DMV.

I have a car registered in my name but have no title. Can I sell or get rid of it?

No, not without a title. You say it is registered in your name. Without a title you have no way of proving that and cannot sell the car. Contact your local DMV and get a duplicate title. If it is indeed register in your name you will have no problem getting a new title.

How do I replace a lost title for a car I would like to sell in the state of Wisconsin?

Go to your local DMV and get a duplicate copy.

Can a title be transfeered if the seller has lost the title?

You must have a title to sell a vehicle if the new owner plans to title the vehicle. If you are selling the car for "parts only", and not planning to put the car back on the road, then you can sell it with a bill of sale only. If they want to title the vehicle, you need to go to your local DMV and apply for a lost/stolen title. Once you get the duplicate title, then you can sell the vehicle.

You are trying to sell your car how can you get a copy of the title?

You don't have the title, and you are the owner? If not, go to your local DMV and request a duplicate title. but when i sell it don't i have to transfer the title out of my name into the new owners name? sorry I'm asking so many questions....I'm selling my car, and can't find the title and i wasn't sure what i had to do to get a copy or if i even needed a copy of it in order to sell it..

What if the dealership you bought your car from went out of business and the finance company does not have the title your car is paid off how do you sell the car without the title?

You should be able to go to the DMV and get a duplicate. It takes about 5 days.

You are waiting for your title to be mailed can you trade your car in before it gets here?

No car dealers will ever take a car without having the title for it. Because if they take it and you dont give them the title then they cant sell it.

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