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Yes, but as part of the settlement the lien will be considered and the buyers agent and especially the mortgage company will demand satisfaction of the lien before the property transfer is completed. If the lien is improper, it may be possible to sue to have the lien removed. In some states leins must be satisfied within a given time period otherwise they become worthless. Also in some states, a contractor only needs to come by to do "warranty" work to start that clock over. Liens can be tricky and are usually best discussed with a real-estate attorney.

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Q: Can you sell your house with a lien on it?
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Can you sell a house with a lien on it?

You have to pay off your bills. That is why these people put a lien on your house.

What happens to a lien on a house after it expires?

The lain stays with the mortgage. And if the owner of the mortgage does not settle up with the lien holder that person cannot sell their house, car, boat or whatever the lien is on. They have to pay lien first or sell and before they get the money the amount of the lien will be deducted from total sell

Can you sell your house with a federal tax lien on it?

Not without satisfying the lien or you can subordinate a tax lien in order to sell the house. Sometimes, the IRS will allow you to do this, if they believe it will help you to pay your tax liability.

Can a contractor in Texas force a homeowner to sell house if they refuse to pay for work and a lien has been filed?

They usually can't force the homeowner to sell the house. The lien will prevent the house from being sold. The matter will have to be settled and the lien released before the house can be sold.

If a lien is put on your house do you have to sell it?

Generally, and depending on the type of lien, you don't have to sell your property if a creditor records a lien. However, you cannot refinance or sell the property without paying the lien. Interest accrues the longer a lien remains unpaid. If the amount is substantial enough the creditor can obtain an order to sieze and sell the house to recoup the amount owed plus costs and interest.

If there is a lien on your house can you sell the house?

The lien must be paid at the time of the sale. You can sell your house, but the title company will pay the lien out of your proceeds or require you to come to the table with the money if there is not enough received from the sale. This is because they need to provide clear title to the house to the new owners.

How does one sell his or her home on which the IRS has placed a lien?

To sell your home, you put a FOR SALE sign out front. If the value of the lien is less than what you will get out of the house, then when you sell the house and pay off the lien, you get the rest of the money. If the lien is for more than the house is worth and you are ready to move elsewhere, you hand the keys to the IRS and say. "Here, have fun. It is all yours." At that point you owe more on the house than the house is worth.

What if a lien is on your house?

You can not sell your house or if you die your home will go to the people who have a lien on your home.The best thing to do is to pay off the lien which is usually someone or a bank you owe money.

What happens if there is a lien on my house?

It means that you can't sell your house without paying your bills.

In Ohio can credit card companies put a lien on your home?

They can put a lien on your house if they have obtained a judgment against you. Then, when you sell your house, you will have to pay them first.

If a credit card company has a judgment on you in Tennessee can they take your home if you own it?

no,,,,,,but they can put a lien on it,,,and when you sell your house,,it has to pay the lien amount,,,before you get any money from the house.

What happens when a lien is put on your house?

When a lien is recorded against your property you cannot sell or mortgage the property until the debt is paid.

If a wife is on the deed of the property can she sell the house and keep the money if there is outstanding lien?

No, the lien will be satisfied first. Also, she cannot sell the house without the approval of a spouse or other interested party, unless there is a court order to do so.

What work can be done to a house if a mechanics lien is filed on the house?

Work may continue with no interference. However, you will be unable to sell the home without that lien being paid in full.

How long is a property lien for in New Mexico?

The lien stays with the property until it is paid. You cannot sell a car or a house, for instance, until the lien is paid and you have clear title. Usually the lien on a house is paid for at closing, either from the proceeds of the sale or money that you bring to the table.

How can I sell a vehicle in Texas that has a mechanic's lien?

Either pay off the lien and then sell the vehicle, or sell the vehicle and use the money to pay off the lien.

How can you sell house with a child support lien on it?

You must pay off the lien.You must pay off the lien.You must pay off the lien.You must pay off the lien.

Can you sell off acreage if it is on a lien I own 40 acres the house is on 20 acres and the other 20 acres is plotted ready to sell can I sell off the 20 acres?

The property is subject to a lien. The question isn't whether you can sell it. The problem is that the buyer won't buy the property as long as there's a lien on it. Your attorney will need to negotiate a partial release or a full release with the lienholder if you will pay off the lien, or half of the lien, out of the proceeds from the sale of the 20 acres. If you don't pay the lien in full and the lienholder agrees to a partial payment then the lien will still be an encumbrance on your remaining property.

Can your mother put a lien on your house?

If you owe her money, sure she can. But first, she must sue you in court and get a judgment lien against you. That lien can be recorded in the land records and you can't sell or mortgage your property until that lien, and the interest, is paid off.

What does it mean if someone puts a lien on your house?

That means someone has obtained a court judgment against you and the lien must be paid before you can sell or refinance your property.

How do i sell a wrecked car i still owe money on?

You cannot sell a car you have a loan on if the lender has a lien on the vehicle. You will need permission from the lien holder to sell the car. If the lender has no lien on the vehicle then you can sell it if you wish. The title will list any lien holder.

How does a lien on your house by a credit card company effect you?

When you have a lien it shows on your credit rating, this is because money is owed to someone and not paid, also if you want to sell your house the lien would have to be paid off first, it also remains on your credit rating for 7 years.

Can the lien against my property be released when the the original owner apparently with a tax debt died.?

Assuming you are talking about an IRS lien, then yes. If you were not liable for the taxes, then the lien should not be on your property. The first thing to determine is whether or not the lien actually attached to your property. If the previous owner of the house owned the house at the time the lien was filed, then the lien probably legally attached to the house. If this is the case, this is something you should take up with the title company that did the title work when you purchased the house. More common is that the IRS filed a lien and the address they had on record was still his old house (your house). Just because the lien had that address on it doesn't mean you have a lien on your house. If the property wasn't his, then it did not legally attach. If a title company still has issues with this (if you are trying to sell your house), you may need to get a Certificate of Non-Attachment from the IRS to show them that it's not attached.

Can a house be built on a property with a lien without being encumbered by the existing lien?

No. Once a house is built it becomes an intrinsic part of the real estate. If the land has a lien on it the lien holder will get your house.

Can the bank put a lien on your house after a car repo?

Yes. They repo and sell it for next to nothing. They sue in court and get a jugement that they use to put a lien on your house. Next time buy a cheap car just to get you there and back.

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