Can you sell your quit claim deed?

Yes, you can if you OWN any intest in it. If you have an interest in, let's say a piece of land. you may sell your quit claim deed to anyone for a penny on up. If trying to sell your's for money, you will probabably need to know the fair market value of it. Realtors* do this for free. If it has to hold up in court, you would hire the service of a licenced land appraiser IN YOUR AREA.

Otherwise you may sell your quit claim deed for what ever the buyer will pay. No one can govern the amount of profit you make. It is up to the buyer to do the homework. I can ask one million dollars for my left tennis shoe. It doesn't mean I'll get it. But, if I do sell it, it's fair unless I've made phony claims of it's worth. L.T.B.B. (Let the buyer beware)

A quit claim deed can be used to sell property.

However such a deed does not give the purchaser any guarntee that the title is not defective nor does it guarantee the quantity or quality of the property in question.

Likewise it does not take away the rights of the buyer to pursue any legal action nor give the seller immunity from such litigation.


Deeds are not sold. A deed represents a person's interest in real estate. If a person desires to sell their interest in real estate they must execute a new deed that conveys whatever interest they may have in the real estate.They would not be selling their deed. They would be selling their interest in the real estate. It is up to the purchaser to have the title to the real estate examined by a professional to make certain the grantor in the deed owns the property.