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Q: Can you send Pokemon from your rental pass to your wii game?
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Is there a way to pass a Pokemon of the emulator on the PC to the DSi?

Well, you can send your own custom made pokemon to your game. Check out pokesav, this is what you want.

Can you trade Pokemon from a ds to a Game Boy Advance?

you can not send pokemon from the ds to the game boy advance but you can send pokemon from the game boy advance to the ds

Where do you find Entei on Pokemon Black and White?

you have to send it over from an older pokemon game

Pokemon that you caught in your pokewalker can you send back to your game?


Can you send a Pokemon from one game to another without trading?


How do you send Pokemon from Pokemon sapphire to Pokemon Diamond?

migrate using a ds after almost beating game

How do you transport Pokemon from shadows of almia?

From the main menu of the game, select "Ranger Net". From there, select "Send a Pokemon" and finally, select which Pokemon you wish to send to your Pokemon Diamond or Pokemon Pearl. There are at least three choices; send a Manaphy Egg, send Riolu, and send Darkrai. Choosing one does NOT mean that you cannot send the others.

Is there a way to send Pokemon from blue Rescue Team to another game?


How do you get a custom pass on Pokemon Battle Revolution?

you have to go to the second or third option which is some thing storage then go on it then click copy storage the turn on your Pokemon diamond or pearl the go to copy Pokemon then your wii will recognize it then the Pokemon will send to wii _______________________________________________________________________ (But be careful once you have copied it from that game you cant use another game to copy Pokemon to your storage)

How to send Pokemon from Pokemon Pinball Ruby and Sapphire to Pokemon Sapphire?

Sorry to tell you but you can't. The game "Pokemon Pinball" does not have the feature to transfer Pokemon captured in-game to another gaming cartrage.

How do you copy Pokemon Battle Revolution Pokemon onto a Pokemon DS game?

You can't. You can only send them from the DS to the Wii.

How do you mirgate in Pokemon and diamond and pearl?

U need a GBA game and access to Pal Park. Send Pokemon from GBA game on Diamond/Pearl and catch them at Pal Park. U can only send six Pokemon a day. I don't know exactly HOW to send them from GBA game to DS game because i have never tried it since i do not have GBA games, all i know about how to send them is the GBA game has to be inserted in the GBA slot of the DS, sry its not much.

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