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Can you send a text message to a cell phone from the Nintendo DSi?

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Yes. Just click on the messaging option under the "phone" icon on the main screen. It will list all of the messaging options. SMS is one of them. silly.

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No, the 3DS wasn't designed to send text messages.

you simply type your message and enter the phone number of the person you want to send the message to.

To send a message to Skander Keynes you can message them on social media. If you have their cell phone number, you can also send a message via text message.

by new pic message. when u hit new text message u should have 3 option(sp) pick the new pic message

go to menu messaging create message type your message and send it

It means that your message was not able to send. I recommend resending it.

From the messaging menu, select "New PIX Message". Now, enter the phone number of the cell phone to which you want to send a picture.

From your cell phone, go to message and type Congratulations and send it. That's all!!!

install msn for your phone. it is usually provided by your network provider.

some have settings that when they read it it will send u a message!

You can use someone else's phone. Either that, or send your message through an app or through a website.

1. Go to your cell phone menu 2. Click messaging 3. Then click "Create message " 4. click "Create message" 5. Then type in the phone number 6. then type in the message you want to send

the same thing you do when you text in america, just text them something and send it to their phone #

upload facebook mobile to your phone, this is only needed if your phone does not recieve internet access

If you have texting, you can send a video message to your email address.

yes. on Verizon it is 10 cents to receive and send a message

you text what you wanna say and then you press the send button on your cell phone TA DA!!! your message has been sent

The SMS messaging system connects your message to a another cell phone via the phone number and transmits the text data via satellite.

well u just go on messages click on new message type in what u need to and then send

The Nintendo 3ds is not attached to a phone number so it cannot directly text a cell phone. You can connect to Wi-Fi through the device and send text and other messages via email and other messaging services.

No, it does not cost to send a message. If you want to call a cell phone or home phone you have to pay. On the page it says video call or just call you don't have to pay for those. At the beginning you get one free call to a cell or home phone, but that's it. yes this person is absolutely correct.

if you send it to your own number (including zip code), you will receive it within aproximately 10 seconds

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