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Can you send to a disk your modem driver CD Rom drivers and other plug n play drivers from your computer?


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Only if the drivers are under 1.4 meg in size, then they can be saved to a floopy drive. If the drivers are larger you must have a CD burner to save these to a CD disk.


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The modem and the computer are separate from each other. The modem is what brings Internet into your house, and then an Ethernet cable brings it to your computer or a router. It is not recommended that you shut off the modem.

They're called 'drivers'. A computer needs a driver for every peripheral attached to it - to enable the components to 'talk' to each other.

It depends what driver you mean. Drivers are small programs that tell the computer information about such things as the disk-drives, display, expansion sockets (eg USB), printers and other hardware. Without the necessary drivers, the computer will fail to recognise a piece of hardware, and it will not function correctly.

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Port speed is how fast the computer talks to the modem. Modem speed is how fast the modem talks across the phone line to the other modem.

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A modem is a piece of hardware. Mechanically installed in a computer to communicate with the internet or other computers. Software is a written program to operate within a computer.

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Attached peripherals and even internal components come with drivers. Sometimes the drivers are installed using an included utility. At other times, it is just the drivers, and the operating system can find and install them from the driver disk, CD, or other media.

A modem connects your computer to the Internet. A router takes the Internet signal and splits it up and distributes it to other computers on your network. There are two types of routers, wired and wireless. A wired modem router uses a cat5 cable to connect to the modem and to connect to each computer on the network. A wireless router uses wires to connect to the modem but connects to each computer on the network without wires.

Yes, your computer doesn't need the modem, however the server computer does. This can be accomplished through a wireless network. You will need a wireless card, however; internal or external. Otherwise, there is no other way you can connect to the Internet without a modem.

Well,the basic input/output system (BIOS) on a computer is a simple yet important program on a personal computer (PC) that helps the computer properly boot and run an operating system (OS) during startup. BIOS drivers are typically used in reference to the program itself, and how the program runs and interacts with other devices on the computer. The BIOS drivers on a computer are saved on a small battery located on the motherboard and allow for the proper initialization and startup of a computer when powered on. In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

Modem is a contraction of MOdulator DEModulator. It changes the digital 1s and 0's that a computer uses and turns them into a signal that can be sent down a telephone line. The modem at the other end puts the signal back back into 1s and 0s and passes the information to the computer.

The modem on a computer translates digital signals into an analogue 'noise', and transmits it down a telephone line. This is received by another modem at the other end, which captures the signals, and converts them back into data. It allows for transmission of digital data over an analogue telephone line.

Besides losing temporarily connection with them there shouldn't be any other effect on the computer.

The word modem derives from the two words MOdulator-DEModulator. (The capitalized letters there are combined to make the word modem.) A modem is a device that modulates a digital data signal from a computer onto an analog signal that can then be sent over telephone lines. It is then demodulated back into digital form at the other end. Incoming digital information modulated onto an analog carrier is demodulated by the modem and its digital format restored. Basically a modem is the device that allows your computer to connect to the Internet using phone lines.

If your driver is for a printer, either the company's website or the printer CD. This is the same for any other application of a driver. Microsoft also provides some drivers on their web page, you might want to check them out. In any case, should you connect something to your computer and your computer not have the approprate driver, Windows would probably prompt you to get one, with a few options on their dialogue box, including one that allows it to search the web.

According to researchers it has been clearly proven that the number one cause of accidental deaths in US* is... - Inattention of the driver - Intention of the driver - Driver intent on passengers or co driver - Other passengers intent on the driver - Intent of other drivers - Drivers driving intotents * Most of these accidental deaths are fatal

You should have your modem wired to at least one of your computers. If you have a desktop you should attach the modem to that so that it can send out the ISP to the other computers. It is necessary for you to do this, that way any other computer you use will have no problem picking up the signal and using the ISP.

It works like any other modem, except the built-in modem is smaller. It sends out signals and will receive signals responding to the sent signals. If there is a connection then you have Internet access.

External parts of the computer include the monitor and the modem or tower. Other external parts are the mouse, keyboard, and speakers.

The main parts of the computer are the monitor, the CPU, the keyboard and the mouse. The other parts include the speakers, printer, and modem.

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