Can you shoot a gun without ammo?


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No, and you can't drive a car with no fuel. A gun is a device to launch ammunition. You can "dry fire" a gun with no ammo, but that is not good for SOME guns.

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One that has live ammo inside and ready to shoot.

Whichever ammo is the most reliable in the gun. For the most part, the only way to know is to shoot different types of ammo through the gun.

No. You should never try to load or fire any ammo into a gun other than what it is designed to fire. A .44 caliber gun is designed to fire .44 caliber ammo.

because a lever gun has different levels that need to be put into it

You should be OK with standard loads.

I would say Patriot, it has infinite ammo and it is fast to shoot

No. A felon in any state is not allowed to possess any type of gun, regardless of if it is loaded or if ammo is available.

Have it checked over by a good gun smith.

No, the Airsoft gun cannot shoot without the bucking on the gun. The bucking is also called the hop up. If the bucking has been damaged, a new one can be ordered from the company.

Basically just the wave. Send a bunch of people in a suicidal run towrds the enemy. If the Russians run back for shelter, their own commrades shoot them down. One soldier gets a gun, the other the ammo, then the one with the ammo has to get a gun of his own and the one with the gun gets his own ammo.

you have to shoot the ammo box on his back. shoot it until it blows up, then hes dead! and its the same for the flame thrower guys, and the grenade launcher guys to

you upgrade the gun and then you have "upgraded ammo." it's simply ammo for the upgraded gun, you can't buy it separate. you just have it after you upgrade the gun

Your gun is a 357 and can shoot both 357 ammo and 38 special ammo. The nice thing about these guns is you can practice at the range with 38S bullets, which are much cheaper, and save the 357 ammo for home defense.

Impossible to answer without knowing the caliber.

The .380 automatic cannot shoot 9mm Parabellum ammo.

No. The cartridge is far too large to fit in the gun, and .38 Special is a centerfire, not a rimfire.

A cartridge will ignite if the primer is struck, regardless of whether it is in a gun at the time.

The Walther PP was made in 5 different calibers- ONE of which was .32 Auto. If the gun is question is a .32, it can shoot .32 auto. If another caliber- no.

Yes it will still shoot. Legally it must have an orange tip.

The short answer is no. You should not (and normally can't) fire any ammo in a gun other than what it is specifically designed to shoot. There are some exceptions, such as, you can fire 38 special in a gun designed for .357 magnum.

hold down space and shoot with a machine gun and that's unlimited ammo Actually any gun that has a continuous stream of anything works with this cheat

It depends on what gun you have and if it has blow-back or not. But average is probably between 20 and 70.

Just Shoot Him With Any Gun Event The Handgun But He Won't Drop Anything No Money Or Ammo Or Weapons Or Treasure's> :) :P

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