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Yes. Slugs are not a good idea, due to potential damage to the adjustable choke. Buckshot should be fine.

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Q: Can you shoot buckshot with adjustable choke shotgun?
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Can you shoot 000 buckshot through a full choke shotgun?


Can you shoot slugs through a adjustable choke shotgun?

In most cases, the makers do not recommend it. With some adjustable chokes, the "fingers" that make up the choke can be damaged by a slug.

Can you shoot 00 buck with a 835 shotgun with a altra mag choke?

Yes, but check your pattern. Most shotguns will pattern buckshot best with a more open choke.

Can you shoot buckshot through a rifled barrel on a shotgun?

You can, but, it will not be a good thing.

Is it ok to shoot slugs through the 26 inch c- lect- choke?

Yes, you may shoot slugs or buckshot through a shotgun fitted with the C-Lect Choke system. This is from the tag that Mossberg attaches to their shotguns fitted with C-Lect Chokes.

Can you shoot a slug through a improved cylinder choke?

You can shoot a slug thru any choke although some people will disagree a slug will not hurt a choke anymore than buckshot

Can you shoot a slug with an 870 that has a modified choke on it?

Yes: A Remington 870 shotgun with a modified choke will shoot any commercial shotgun slug.

Where far can a shotgun shoot?

A shotgun can shoot up to 80 yards it it depends on what the choke is on the gun.

Can i shoot slugs through my Revelation 16 gauge bolt action?

Some bolt action shotguns had an adjustable choke, and it is generally NOT recommended that slugs be fired through those. If there is no adjustable choke at the muzzle, your shotgun should be fine. Stay with rifled slugs.

Can you shoot a shotgun without choke tube in?

yes but its dangerous.

Can you shoot Buckshot out of full choke?

Yes. It should pattern well and the effective range should be increased slightly.

Can you shoot buckshot from your Winchester 1897?

Yes your Winchester model 1897 pump action shotgun can shoot buck shot through it.

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