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yeah, i shoot my 1923 model 12 ga. all the time, buy the AA rounds at Walmart, they are lower presure than normal, and they are cheaper. just make sure they are 2 3/4 LEAD shot.

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โˆ™ 2011-12-04 06:03:34
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Q: Can you shoot modern shot shells in your 1927 Lefever Nitro Special shotgun?
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Can a percussion cap shotgun shoot modern shotgun shells?


Will a Acme Arms 12Ga use modern shotgun shells?

No. Absolutely not.

What is the ammunition of a modern shotgun called?

Generally "Pellets" or "Shot" contained in "Shells". There are also solid shot "Slugs" similarly contained in "Shells". I'd use Shells ie "8 shotgun shells", unless you are specifying exactly the type.

How many shells come in a box of shotgun shells?

Most commercially available shotgun shells come in boxes of 25.

What is the size of an air soft shotgun shell?

Air soft shotgun shells are the size of 12 gauge shotgun shells.

What type of modern shotgun shell can you use in a Fox double barrel shotgun model B-BSE for deer hunting?

Deer slugs are the shotgun shells to use when deer hunting.

How can you find the gauge of a Lefever Arms shotgun?

If it isn't marked on the barrel, take it to any store that sells shotguns. If you also need to know what length of shells it can use, take it to a gunsmith and let him measure the chambers.

How do you discard old ammunition shotgun shells?

Find someone who reloads shotgun shells. They will relieve you of your inventory.

What is the minimum age of obtaining a shotgun license?

there is no minimum age to get a shotgun certificate but can only purchase a shotgun or shells if 18+ there is no minimum age to get a shotgun certificate but can only purchase a shotgun or shells if 18+

Do the airsoft shotgun shells work with any airsoft shotgun?

yes it does

What kind of shells fit a 410 shotgun other than a 410 shell?

You can use nothing but 410 shells in a 410 shotgun.

I bought a 20 gauge shotgun Winchester speed pump but i cannot figure out how to load the shells in the shotgun is there some special button i have to push or take something out of the gun?

You need the services of a gunsmith

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