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Can you shoot steel shot in your Stevens 311a shotgun?


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2005-05-08 18:23:28
2005-05-08 18:23:28

No. Absolutely not.


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Ijust bought a Stevens Model 311A 12 ga with some wear for $ 130.00. I think that was a good deal has them...but for 12 ga only

where can i find a schematic for Stevens mod. 311A

I also have a Stevens 311A Double Barrell, doubled triggered 12 gauge shotgun made by Savage Arms in very good condition and do not know the age or the value. My gun has a ribbed barrel, but the stock is not walnut. JT 1/19/08

The Stevens model 311 was discontinued in the year 1989.You would have to contact Savage/Stevens to get the actual age of your double barrel shotgun.

there is a model 311a double barrel shotgun made by Stevens/savage but have not heard of just an 11a. I have a 20ga 311a given to me by my grandpa and he said it was made in the fifties. You can go to Google and type in Stevens model 311 and will pull up information on this shotgun.AnswerRemington made a model 11a but it was not a double barrel it was a semiauto.

A utility double barrel 12 gauge shotgun that is fully functional will sell for $150 to $250, depending on condition.

Savage Arms and J Stevens made the J. C. Higgins sears robuck and company shotgun. If you look on on the right side of it should say Stevens model (whatever model # it has here) like mine says (Stevens model 311A)

$100 - $200, assuming in useable condition but not 100% new condition

Stevens savage model 311a double barrel shot gun with 28 inch barel

Roughly the same as the base Stevens 311A. $175-$300 depending on condition and the buyer.

i paid $310 for my 311a 12gauge if this helps. Depending on condition it should be in the $500.00 - $1200.

Try Numrich Gun Parts Go to "Start Here" and follow the instructions by selecting manufacturer then model, or go directly to the Stevens/Savage 311A page:

Sometime between 1948 and 1991. Should be worth $200-$250 if it is fully functional but not 100% like new.

Somewhere between 1942 - 1962. That's all i know so far, but there is a good chance it is actually built by Stevens, model 311a

$350.00 to $50.00. Condition is everything.

The stevens model 311 was made from 1926-1945.

If it has both the Stevens and Savage names on it, then it was manufactured after 1945 and before 1969.

The original Savage?Stevens model 311 shotguns were made from 1926-1945.The more recent made Stevens model 311 shotguns were discontinued in the year 1989.

A Stevens Model 311 double barrel is worth about $300. They were made 1931-1989. Used to be called Springfield till 1948.

Just bought one from ffl at gun show last week. Weapon is in excellent condition. Looks like it was hardly shot. He asked 300 but took 250.

I have a 20 ga. 311A and they run anywhere from 250 in poor condition to 400 in excellent condition to 800 new in box. I have seen them aucioned on other sites at 200-250 in good condition (or so they claimed).Answer$200-$250 sounds about right for a 12 or 16 gauge. A 20 gauge seems to bring more and .410's can be almost twice as much.

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