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Smoking is simply another method of intaking chemicals, like caffeine. The psychological effects include: increase energy considerably, increases excitement, quick perception of time, racing thoughts, and euphoria. The physiological effects are: dramatically increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, lung inflammation, and increased mucus production.

If one is to intake such chemicals, though it is highly suggested one does not, pack a full glass pipe with Folgers Dark Italian roast, and smoke 3-5 hits.

Wait about 5 minutes before carefully taking one-two more hits every 3 minutes. Within a short time, the above effect should be experienced.

This is my own experience and no one should have to find out for themselves, so don't try

"I tried it once, it was surprisingly easy to handle. I didn't feel anything till a few minutes later when I felt nauseous and... weird. Not worth it."

Yes, it is smokeable. I just smoked the amount it takes to make about 2 cups of strong coffee and what it does is just about the same as drinking it but a little quicker. Its smooth but I have had smoother.

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2014-04-04 16:25:41
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Q: Can you smoke coffee
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