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Can you snort Concerta?



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Yes, you can snort concerta (methylphenidate). The effects from what I have noticed are slight stimulation, but nothing compared to cocaine or methamphetamine. Concerta is extended-release Ritalin, a stimulant drug used primarily to treat ADHD. Personally, compared to taking it orally, snorting Concerta produced short-lived but greater physical and mental effects with a rapid onset. Your experience will depend on a number of factors such as how your body reacts to Ritalin in general and how many MGs you snort.

The extended-release features of a Concerta pill must be bypassed in order to snort it effectively. One way to accomplish this is to place a pill in water for a few minutes and then completely rub off the outer coating of the pill. Next, cut the pill in half, save the white half and throw away the gray half. Secure the pill with pliers or tweezers and carefully remove the waxy outer coating using a razor blade. What remains of the pill can be crushed/shaved and snorted.