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Yes, but it has a different meaning. Bite as a verb is to mark or tear with teeth, like an animal bite. Bight is a curved section of rope in a knot, or a curved section of land.
Yes, bight is a word. It doesn't mean bite, though, it refers to a large bay of water, such as the Bight of Biafra. Occasionally it can be used to mean a bend in any geographical feature.
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How do you bite you?

Step 1: Raise arm Step 2: Put pointer finger up Step 3: Open mouth Step 4: Put finger in mouth Step 5: Close mouth Step 6: Bite your finger

Is a bight a landform?

no it is not but make sure just in case.bye bye answer 2 Bight is a nautical term denoting a broad bay. Whether you consider it a landform or not depends upon whether you consider Bay a landform. [its up to you.]

What is a bight?

A bight is a wide bay formed by a bend or curve in a shoreline.

How do you spell by?

The words by , buy , and bye (shortened from goodbye) are sound-alike words. Example sentences: The housewife went by the accident scene on the way to the store. The housewife went to the store to buy food for breakfast. She told her friend bye (goodbye) and left for work.

Does it bite?

"Does it bite" is one of the most common phrases uttered, especially by children, regarding animals. The answer is yes. All animals have the capability to bite and there have been incidents of people being bitten by virtually every animal on the planet.

What bites you?

almost everything in the world can bite you ex: dogs,sharks,birds,hamsters,certain kids of fish and more.

What is the function of single bowline on a bight?

a single bowline on a bight is used when the bitter end of a line(rope for non-sailors) isn't availible. It, in essence alows one toput a temporary eye in a line without the bitter end.

Is a bight a type of land form?

A bight is a shallow bay. Examples include Watmough Bight, Lopez Island, Washington, and the New York Bight.

In what part of Australia is the Great Australian Bight?

The Great Australian Bight lies along the western part of the South Australian coast, extending to the eastern coast of southern Western Australia. It is south of the Nullarbor Plain. On a map of Australia, it can be seen as the large curved section in the south.

Why did my gerbil bight its sisters tail?

It is probably because it is dominant of its sister. If this gets much worse it might be an idea to separate them. My friends gerbil bit off its brothers tail... so... this is something you need to watch.

When a fly bites you does it bite or urinate?

Depends on which species of fly.... It excretes a material that desolves your flesh and makes it easy for it to suck up. ti is trying to turn you into a meat shake so to speak. they do not have teeth to bite you with.

Does Edward ever bight Bella?

READ THE BOOKS! you really don't want it spoiled for you.... yes. in the last book, breaking dawn.

Is bight a landform?

it is a break in a coastline formed by a creek, its a shallow bay. So, it is not a landform. (it can also mean loop or coil in a rope)

In bite fight what is a bite link?

First of all the bite link is in your overview catorgory. secondly, when people click on that link in a spot you have put it (home page forums etc.) you will get booty and gold and they have a choice to join bitefight as a vampire created by you.

Do hamsters bight?

They might bite you these are some of the reasons: you have just ate something and haven't washed your hands and then pick them up,because they will smell the food and think your food.Or you are not handling them properly.

What are facts about the Great Australian Bight?

It is located on the southern coast of Australia. . The Great Australian Bight is not just the curve extending fromCape Pasley in the west to near Port Lincoln. According to theInternational Hydrographic Bureau, it actually begins in the westat West Cape Howe and extends to South West Cape in Tasma ( Full Answer )

How was the the great Australian bight created?

Long ago, the world had only two super continents, Laurasia and Gondwanna. Gondwanna was composed of the southern continents, and these gradually split apart, and in particular, Antarctica separated from Australia. You'll find a good fit between the Australian Bight and part of northern Antarctica. ( Full Answer )

What is bite?

this stupid thing brought on by twilight where people bite each other, sometimes to draw blood, its pointless and hurts, dont do it

What is the height of the Great Australian Bight?

The average height of the cliffs of the Great Australian Bight is 70 metres, or 230 feet. At their lowest, they are 40m high (130 feet) and at their highest point they are 120m high (330 feet).

How do they bite?

They bite by gripping with the jaws and cutting or tearing off with the teeth.

Why is the Great Australian Bight called the Great Australian Bight?

A bight is a bend in the coast that forms an open bay. The Great Australian Bight is such a bend, forming a massive open bay on the southern coast of Australia. Hence, "Great" - large; "Australian" - it is in Australia; "Bight" - bend in the coast that forms an open bay.

If your dog bites do you bite back?

No, you do not bite it back because it will bite you again. All you have to do is say "no" loudly and put something in his mouth he can bite. If he did this out of aggression, STOP ANNOYING HIM!!!! Never hit a dog, ever, ever, ever, ever, no matter how mad you are. First of all, you might hurt your ( Full Answer )

How do you make a biting hamster not bite you?

always get someone that is not scared to be biten like my classmate because my hamster bites and my classsmate is always playing with my hamster that's why my hamster do not bite everyone but sometimes he bites only but not everyday by kyanne Marie b. sapnu i am 10 years old thank you

Do sharks bight?

Not all sharks bite, the types of sharks that do bite humans and or kill would be, Bull sharks which live in lakes and rivers usually (ST. Lawrence river.) Tiger sharks would do the same damage as a Bull shark. they eat everything in SITE. those would be the deadliest sharks in the world. Now the Gr ( Full Answer )

Can goats bight?

Goats and sheep have very sharp teeth, so it is not a good idea to put your fingers in their mouths. But they do not bite or nip when they fight or to defend themselves (like horses sometimes do). When they fight with each other (or are occasionally naughty toward people) they butt with their head.

How do you get swelling from dogs head after dog bight?

I'm not sure if you meant fight or bite, but you can give your dog an antihistamine (like Benadryl). The dosage of anithistamine for a dog is based on weight; generally 1mg per pound of dog, every 8 hours (or 3x per day). You can call your vet to confirm. If there are open wounds, a cold compress is ( Full Answer )

What does the Georgia Bight do?

The Georgia Bight is a bend in the coastline. Because of how inland the mainland lies, tropical systems have less of an impact. It isn't impossible for the bight to be impacted directly by a tropical storm. Simply the bight doesn't "do" anything. It is just the most westward area of coastline on the ( Full Answer )

Why did Edward John Eyre travel across the Great Australian Bight?

Edward John Eyre did not travel across the Great Australian Bight. He was not a seafaring explorer. He travelled across the Nullarbor Plain, which is the desert area north of the Great Australian Bight. Eyre hoped to be the first to cross Australia from south to north. He was unlucky enough to fi ( Full Answer )

How can you cure a bite from an alligator bite?

Alligators are not venomous. If you are bitten, you should be concerned about dying of blood loss, shock, or being EATEN. You should get to a hospital, where they will clean the wound to prevent infection. Amputations may have to be made.

Do bees bight or sting?

They sting, but only once with a barbed stinger. and when it stings the stinger is ripped from its abdomen and it flies away and dies.

How do you tie a bowline on the bight?

A Bowline on the Bight is a knot tied in the middle of a line, instead of at the end of a line, that resembles a bowline, but is not a true bowline. This is made by grasping the line so it is doubled, pulling the loop portion down - let it hang, then grasp the doubled linewith your right hand, palm ( Full Answer )

Are snake bights acid or alkali?

snake bites are classified to be a acid because part of the bite is actually made out of hydrochloric acid

Where is New Bight Airport?

New Bight Airport (IATA: TBI, ICAO: MYCB) is an airport in New Bight on Cat Island in The Bahamas.

What are bights?

Depending on the context (usage), a bight [as a noun] may be a bayor gulf, a river bend, the body of water surrounded by such a bend(like an oxbow...), the middle part of a rope that is differentfrom the ends of the rope, or the loop or bent part of a rope thatis different from the ends. As a verb, ( Full Answer )

Which is a plateau the Great Australian Bight or the Gulf of Carpentaria?

Neither of these is a plateau.. The Great Australian Bight is a water feature on the southern coast of the Australian continent. It is similar to a huge open bay, but it is too large to be called a bay in geographic terms. . Directly north of the Great Australian Bight is the Nullarbor Plain, a fl ( Full Answer )