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Q: Can you spread food poisoning
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How is food poisoning spread?

It is possible to pick up the germs from food poisoning and spread it around. Hope this helps! :)

How can you get food poisening?

Food poisoning is spread by uncooked or undercooked food or eating food that has been contaminated.

Is staphylococcal food poisoning spread directly from person to person?


What are the diseases spread by microbes?

microorganisms spread diseases. They spread very harmful diseases. If microorganisms land on our food and if we eat it we may get food poisoning.

How is food poisening spread?

food poisoning is spread by uncooked or undercooked food or eating food that has been contaminated by e coli ( stuff found in poop).

Can you get food poisoning twice?

Definitely. The only reason you don't get a sickness twice is because your body has produced antibodies to attack the viruses before they spread. Food poisoning can come from anything that has happened to the food, so there are many different types of food poisoning. There are also many different types of food that you can get food poisoning from.

How does food poisoning attack and spread?

Food poisoning is most commonly spread from food that contains unhealthy bacteria to humans who come into contact with that food. If the bacteria is not killed by cleaning supplies or proper storage, it can work its way into the system of anyone who unknowingly ingests it. Widespread food poisoning cases most often occur when a large batch of food is contaminated with a virus or bacteria and served to a person or persons. Those infected with food poisoning can spread it to others through their fecal remnants. This can be prevented by diligently washing one's hands, avoiding physical contact with others and seeking treatment from a doctor who may be able to prescribe.

Where does food poisoning hide?

In the food you eat, if it smells it has food poisoning in it

How can you get rid of food poisoning?

Food poisoning will not stop until the patient eliminated all the food that causes the poisoning.

Why do spores increase the risk of poisoning?

Spores spread easily and the more spores there are on the food, the more you have a risk or food poisoning. It is best not to consume foods that have been left out for long periods of time, such as on the salad bar.

What is the shape of Food Poisoning?

The shape of food poisoning? depends I suppose on what bacteria caused the food poisoning in the first place.

What food does food poisoning grow on?

Food poisoning doesn't grow on food. It is from bacteria that grows on it.

Who is liable with food poisoning?

the owner of the place you got the food poisoning from

What are the risks of food poisoning?

Will baby be at risk due to food poisoning?

Can you die from food poisoning?

Yes. People can (and do) die from food poisoning.

Does penicillin cure food poisoning?

Penicillin is not effective in food poisoning.

What age can you get food poisoning?

You can get food poisoning at any age if you eat it

What is the deadliest form of food poisoning?

Botulism is the deadliest form of food poisoning.

What microorganism causes food poisoning?

Strains of E.Coli can cause food poisoning.

Is vomiting a sign of food poisoning?

Yes vomitng can be a sign of food poisoning!!

Can chocolate cause food poisoning?

Generally food poisoning is caused by meats.

Can food poisoning affect you?

Food poisoning can affect you, though it depends what kind it is.

What are the kind of food that cause food poisoning?

No food causes food poisoning. Bacteria causes food poisoning and the bacteria can grow in almost any food that isn't stored or prepared properly.

What is the vehicle of food poisoning bacteria?

Usually food poisoning bacteria are spread by things like uncooked or improperly prepared/cooked proteins, food stored or cooked at the wrong temperature, moldy foods, unwashed hands or tools used in the preparation process etc.

What is the meaning of microbiological poisoning?

Microbiological poisoning is commonly known as "food poisoning."