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Can you stain wood in stages using masks to achieve a design motif other than just a solid tone without the colors bleeding together If yes How?


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August 08, 2008 2:25AM

Yes, stain sections and allow to fully dry,sand then stain elsewhere or over,repeat drying and sanding. For a little more detail, I suggest oil based stains, and use painters tape to mask off your design, (painters tape pulls less wood fibers up when removing) once you rub or burnish the edges of the tape for full contact of the tape your ready to apply the stain color. (its important to follow the directions on the can) Oil based stain generally takes 24 Hours to dry, allow a full 24 hours to dry. (considering average humidity) Staining will raise grain fibers, this is why you need to sand after you stain (I recommend 320 grit sandpaper, sand lightly until its smooth again, then remove dust), remove tape and reapply tape to the stained area to protect that color, then tape again for the next color, follow this procedure for as many colors as you want.