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i believe you can by a checking account in your name, I'm not sure though. because normally you are'NT able to bond with any legal bonds, contracts until your eighteen.


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Q: Can you start to build credit if you're under eighteen years of age?
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How do you stay at an hotel or motel under the age of eighteen?

you need a credit card... so you probably cant.

If you are under eighteen and have a credit card are you liable for not paying and what will happen to your credit score when you do turn eighteen?

A better question is how a minor got a credit card? If the card was obtained under false pretense then the debt is valid and the person holding the card will be responsible for repayment whether or not they are a minor. It's doubtful the information would be included on any future credit report, but not impossible if the debt were to become an issue to be decided by a court.

How can one get their new corporation approved for credit?

You must first build business credit under the business name.

How do I build up my credit score with credit cards?

You can build up your credit score with credit cards by wisely using your credit every month and paying it off in full every month. By paying off your cards, you slowly build up your credit score.

How can someone under eighteen start getting credit?

Now-a-days they are making it more and more difficult to build credit at a young age. With the age laws on obtaining credit cards now it's almost impossible to build your credit strongly before the age of 21. I suggest opening up some sort of Macy's card, or Best Buy card with a Co-Signer. Car loans are one of the best ways to establish credit, so if you're looking to get a car in the near future or your parents are getting one for you, have them co-sign so you can help build your credit as well. At your age there isn't a whole lot of options because of how strict the banks are these days, but minor loans through company cards like best buy, retail stores, firestone/car repairs, are the easiest way to establish some credit at your age.

How do I go about small business auto loans?

If you are asking about obtaining a business vehicle loan then the answer is simple. You need to establish business credit to apply under. To build business credit start your research by googling and pick out a company that can help you with that.

How do you get financing for a ranch?

If you are like most small business owners, you want to build business credit for your company and get small business loans when you need them. To build business credit means less risk for you as the owner of the business. There is effort involved when you decide to build business credit. Start taking the steps to build business credit from the get-go. This way, you won't find yourself without a strong business credit profile even if your business is thriving. There is a lot of hype regarding the need to build business credit that says personal credit does not matter. It's true that when you build business credit, you separate your business credit from your personal credit, but it does help to have strong personal credit as well. The more solid you are on your feet with personal credit, the more effective you will be when you build business credit. Credit protection laws vary between personal and business credit, so it's important to understand the differences when you begin to build business credit. A good rule of thumb to follow is simply this - repair your personal credit along with the efforts you are making to build business credit. As you begin to build business credit, set up your business structure properly with the state and get all the necessary licensing. When you build business credit you will need a business phone listed in the telephone directory under the business name. Buying products or services from companies that report your payment history to Dunn & Bradstreet and Experian will help you build business credit. Don't be discouraged by the best business credit score being reserved for the "big guys" when you build business credit. Maintain your focus and you will build business credit that has enough impact to catch the interest of private commercial lenders. Beware of loan fraud when you build business credit - a legitimate underwriter will not charge you a fee upfront to connect you with a business loan lender. There may be fees for other services involved when you build business credit, but not for that. Good business credit cannot be "bought."

What percent of the homeless population in the US are under eighteen years of age?

33 percent are under the age of eighteen.

What happens when people smoke at under eighteen?

There is more chance of the under eighteen personhaving lung cancer when their older.

What is considered a bad credit score rating?

A credit score rating is not hereditary. If your parents have bad scores, it doesn't affect you, unless they are deadbeats and applied for a loan under your social. You build your own credit score, which under 650 is generally considered poor.

Where can someone under eighteen work?


IS it illegal to date someone over eighteen if you are under eighteen?

No, but in most states it is technically illegal to have sex.

If you are under eighteen do you need a fishing license?


What is a minor in Massachusetts?

Anyone under the age of eighteen.

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A minor.

What percentage of children under eighteen smoke?


Can you post bail under eighteen?

No, a person must be eighteen to post bail. Posting of bail bond is a contractual agreement and the parties must be eighteen to enter into a valid contract.

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