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Can you start your birth control early instead of waiting for your period?


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yes you can, you can skip your placebo pill and start your next package however it isn't recommended to do for an extended period of time. your menstrual cycle happens for a reason. you get your period to rid your uterus of excess when you bleed it is your body ridding itself of the eggs that traveled down the fallopian tubes and were never inseminated and implanted into the ovaries as well as uterary lining that builds up in preparation for impregnation it is a normal part of your cycle and if it is interrupted constantly you can imagine the build up you will get as a result. it can lead to issues in your reproductive system both mild and major as well as a decreased chance of becoming pregnant later in life. Many women will do this on their wedding day because they don't want to menstruate on their wedding night or for other reasons every once in a while.. and while it is still not recommended it wont have the same consequences as a person constantly skipping their period

`Just wanted to throw my two sense in here...It is medically proven that you DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE YOUR PERIOD...I have been told this by numerous doctors as well as done enough research on it.