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This is something that would be dealt with on a case by case basis; start by talking to DCF (or whatever it's called in your area: department of children and families) and get information directly from them.

AnswerI don't think that they will allow anyone to adopt that has had their parental rights taken away from them. Even if it was not for abuse, then it could have been for neglect.
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Do you still pay child support if a court terminated your parental rights?

It depends on the circumstances. If parental rights are terminated to enable adoption, no. If terminated for reasons such as abuse or abandonment, yes.

Can you remove parental rights from the father if he is an illegal alien?

No. He is STILL the father. Although if there are drugs or child abuse problems then the court can deny him his parental rights.

How can a minor be emancipated if there is emotional abuse and substance abuse being done to the minor by the parent?

They can be removed from the home by social services. The courts can then remove the parental rights if it is in the best interests of the child. Emancipation is an option in some states.

Can a father be forced to sign his parental rights over without going to court?

A biological parent cannot be "forced" to reliquish their parental rights. The can file a voluntary termination of parental rights in the state court of jurisdiction or the court can permanently terminate parental rights due to abuse and/or neglect.

What is the name of first child in history removed from parents due to abuse?

There is no central database listing the names of children taken from their parents due to parental abuse. Your question is impossible to answer.

Does a notarized guardianship paper for a 16-year-old mean that the mother signed her rights over?

No. A person cannot lose their parental rights to a child unless they file a voluntary relinquishment of parental rights petition and it is accepted by the court or the court permanently terminates parental rights due to abuse, neglect or some other applicable issue.

Giving up parental rights under Mississippi law?

Under certain circumstances parental rights can be terminated in Mississippi. This is usually initiated by the state in due to abuse, neglect, or abandonment of the minor child. The termination of parental rights stops a biological parent from visiting or having any kind of legal say so in effect to the minor child.

Can 14 year old choose to live with noncustodial parent in Mississippi?

I think so, unless parental rights had been removed legally or there is some sort of history of abuse on file. You'd have to check on that. Call your local district attorney to be sure.

What is one reason that the Bill of Rights was adopted?

The bill of rights was adopted for many reasons, including to protect the rights and liberties of the states from abuse of power by the newly created government

Can you rescind your decision to voluntarily relinquish your parental rights once the petition has been granted in Texas?

If the child has been adopted you have no rights to this child any more you should speak with a lawyer from the state were the child lives. * No. When a parent(s) are granted a voluntary termination of parental rights or such rights are terminated by the court for reasons of abuse or neglect it is permanent and cannot be revoked or rescinded. This does not mean that the relinquishing parent cannot have contact with the child once said child reaches the legal age of majority (18) if the child is agreeable to a reconciliation.

Can a mother object to fathers parental rights being terminated if she is on welfare?

Yes you can object. Generally a court will only terminate a parent's rights in order to allow a legal adoption to proceed or in cases of extreme abuse or neglect. A father cannot ask for his parental rights to be terminated simply to avoid paying child support.

Can an unmarried mother in Minnesota refuse to allow the real father of her baby to establish paternity so that her current boyfriend can adopt the baby?

No. If the biological father wants to assert parental rights he may file a petition with the court to order a paternity test taken. If presented with such an order the mother must comply or be held in contempt of court. A biological parent cannot be forced to relinquish parental rights it must be done voluntarily or said rights terminated by the court for reasons of abuse and/or neglect.

Is there emancipation in Arizona?

Arizona does not have an Emancipation statute. It does have a termination of parental rights, but that is initiated by the state for abuse and neglect by the parents. You'll have to wait until you turn 18.

Can a grandmother seek custody of a teenager when they no longer want to live with their parents and abuse is not a factor?

If the parents agree to give up parental rights, and the grandmother adopts the kid, then yes.

What are the Ohio termination of parental rights requirements?

Ohio - Grounds For Termination of Parental Rights Ohio Revised Code 2151.414 ------------------------------------------------------------------- Abandonment or Extreme Parental Disinterest Abuse/Neglect Mental Illness or Deficiency Alcohol- or Drug-induced Incapacity Felony Conviction/ Incarceration Failure of Reasonable Efforts Sexual Abuse Abuse/Neglect or Loss of Rights of Another Child Failure to Maintain Contact Failure to Provide Support Child Judged in Need of Services/Dependent Child's Best Interest Child in care 15 of 22 months (or less) Felony assault of child or sibling Murder/Manslaughter of sibling child Other Grounds • Any other factor the court considers relevant

If you sever your parental rights do you have to pay child support in Arkansas if the child will not come to see you and there is no abuse at all in Arkansas?

First you can't. see link.Second, they can't. see linkThird, file for custody for parental alienation syndrome. see links

Is parental alienation a child abuse?

Abused children are likely to feel alienated from their parents, but alienation is not itself a form of abuse, it is just a consequence of abuse.

Reasons for fraud and abuse policy?

what is the reason for the fraud and abuse policy

That kids are allowed to be hit?

if it is diciplenary by the child's parents yes(like spanking), but if it is parental abuse or abuse from any other person it is considered child abuse

Can you get a court to order your ex-boyfriend to give up his parental rights if he has not made an effort to visit his child since birth?

Sue for paternity, then offer him an "out" if he'll sign away his rights. * No. Parental rights can only be relinquished voluntarily or by permanently by the court for cases of abuse and/or neglect. The court can force a biological parent to support minor children; it cannot order a parent to participate in the children's lives.

What is arbitrary abuse of power?

I believe arbitrary abuse of power means you have a lot of power when the law isn't controlling what you use your power for.I also think it means abusing your rights to do something for you own personal will or reasons.

Can you make the father sign over his parental rights even though there are no court documents?

No, only the court can permanently terminate parental rights. Courts are very reluctant to take away all parental rights except in extreme circumstances of neglect and/or abuse. After establishing paternity, a biological father has the legal right to seek custody or visitation privileges. He will also be held legally obligated to pay child support, provide adequate medical care and such other issues so ordered by the court.

In the state of Michigan can a father sign away his parental rights without it going to court and it stand up in court if he changes his mind?

The termination of parental rights must be done through the state's established legal procedures. There are specific requirements that must be met before a parent is allowed to relinquish parental rights. A voluntary TPR when granted or one that has been mandated by the court due to child abuse and/or neglect is generally considered permanent, unless the court order allows exceptions to the established law(s).

How can you get a father to relinquish his parental rights without having to hire an attorney?

Unless the biological father is willing to voluntarily relinquish his rights to his child or children he cannot be forced to do so. The mother would have to file a lawsuit in the appropriate court to have the father's parental rights terminated. Be advised, the court will not terminate the rights of any parent who does not voluntarily submit to the action or who cannot be proven to be have committed a serious offense (physical abuse, endangerment, etc.) against his or her child/children.

How do you stop child support if the non-custodial parent wants nothing to do with the child but refuses to waive their parental rights so your spouse can adopt the child?

File suit to have the support order rescinded. However, child support and parental rights are two entirely different issues and a parent cannot be forced to relinquish his or her rights to their biological child. Voluntarily requesting child support termination does not affect the non custodial parent's custodial or visitation rights. The court will only terminate parental rights in cases of documented neglect and/or abuse, and sometimes not even then. In some instances rather than terminating rights supervised visitation will be ordered.