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Yes you can but you must pass a color vision test before becoming a pilot.

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the color blind person can still have children but the children will probably get it too

The Royal Air Force has lasted since 1918 and still exists.

well OF COURSE! unless ur blind or color blind you always see colorActually, even if you're color blind, you still see colors. People who are color blind only can't see certain colors and get colors confused with one another. But yes, colors do exist.

no they can still see color like us human beings

The British air force was, and still is called the Royal Air Force.

Of course you can still see the flag, but not exactly the same way as someone who isn't color blind.

It was and still is known as the RAF.

the royal air force (raf). it was formed in 1918 and still at present day

If the person has always been blind, then they wouldn't dream about colour. They would not know what any colour looks like. If they were not always blind, then they can still see colour in their dreams.

Not exactly. They still can see colour, but not the reddish hues.

The probability of these two having a color blind son is close to 0 (though it is still possible). This is because color blindness is a recessive gene while normal vision is the dominant gene. Even though the son might not be color blind, he will still carry the color blind gene. *The above answer is wrong.... The Probability of the son being color blind is 100%. The color blind gene is recessive and is located on the X chromosome. Mom has two X's and the dad: XY. The dad is not a carrier (and cant be) because he only has one X, and it can't carry the gene or he would express it. The mom passes an X to her son and the dad passes his Y. The son has to have a color blind X because the mom is colorblind and the dad has no effect on whether or not his son is colorblind. Therefore, the son will be colorblind.

The RAF is the Royal Air Force, the air force of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. They are still around today, and fight for Britain in Iraq and Afghanistan. Royal Air Force Great Britians Air Force

Deers are color blind becase...When deers are born they can't see color. Then when they grow up they see black and white. After that they still can't see color then for the rest of thier life they are with color blindness. Then when they die they can't see at all. Then thier kids can't see color.

Human eye sees all colors, unless their blind or color blind but still see color. dogs see only black and white as scientists have proven.

Color blind people see n black and white.No, this is not true. colored blind people just see colors differently but they still see some colors.Yes color blind people DO NOT just see in black and white, they can still see colors but sometimes they can tend to mix colors up like blue and purple or red and orange! Someone should seriously take off the black and white thing!

No, they're color blind. yes, hamsters are color blind and see black in white. make sure you don't put them in sunlight because then they r practically blind and cant see that good. Yep afraid they are! Hamsters can only see in black and white but still cant see very well. They use their whiskers to feel around as they are on the move. They are color blind! :p

The british air force is known as the RAF; royal air force. The Deutsche Luftwaffe or Luftwaffe (German: "Air Arm", IPA: ['luftvafə]) is the commonly used term for the German air force.The Royal Air Force. They are still called this today.

There is at least one in storage for the Royal Air Force Museum.

I hope you meant the RAF. There is no RIF. The Royal Air Force exists today. During World War 2 they were known as the RAAF, Royal Army Air Force.AnswerThe original answer is incorrect, as there has never been a 'Royal Army Air Force'. The letters, 'RAAF', represents the Royal Australian Air Force!The Royal Air Force was formed in 1918, by amalgamating the Royal Flying Corps (essentially part of the British Army), and the Royal Naval Air Service (part of the Royal Navy). This is one of the reasons that the RAF rank insignia is based on that of the Royal Navy. The Royal Navy still retains an independent air wing, called the Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS). And, yes, the RAF does exist today.

Revision: Just because you are blind doesn't mean that you are illiterate. Blind people read braille. Another answer Probably a bold black color. Being colored blind you can still see, it just means you can't see certain colors. These people don't need to use braille

Yellow is still yellow, because people who are color blind commonly only get greens, reds, and some shades of blue mixed up. Not all colors are different when a person is color blind, but it also depends on the severity, and the type of colorblindness.

No... My brother was kicked out of the Air Force because he was blind to hue's (shades) of red and purple. I'm in the air force, and I have pretty severe color blindness. You cannot be a pilot, but there are still options available to you if you are interested in the air force. I work in the Logistics Readiness Squadron, mostly dealing with supply and vehicle operations. There are various medical-based jobs and administrative careers you may look into, as well. While not every job is on the front lines or in the sky, every job contributes to the mission, and every good airman is a vital air force asset.

dogs are color blind so it would still be whiteDefinition-color blind- not able to see colorwhite- a reflection of all the colorsblack- considered a combination of all the colorsso black and white wouldn't be considered a color which is dumb

Boys. The gene that causes the varying degrees of color blindness is recessive and must be present on the X Chromosome. Since boys have only one X Chromosome, it is more common for boys to be color blind than girls. It is still possible for a girl to be color blind, but it is significantly rarer. The problem affects 8% of Caucasian males and 0.5% of Caucasian females.

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