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Yes you can but you must pass a color vision test before becoming a pilot.

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Q: Can you still be in the royal air force if your color blind?
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Can a color blind person have children in the future?

the color blind person can still have children but the children will probably get it too

How long did the Royal Air Force last?

The Royal Air Force has lasted since 1918 and still exists.

Whose nation's air force was the royal Air force?

Great Britain and still is.

Are speckled perch color blind?

no they can still see color like us human beings

What was the British Royal Air Force know as?

It was and still is known as the RAF.

Does being color blind make you not see the American Flag?

Of course you can still see the flag, but not exactly the same way as someone who isn't color blind.

Is there such thing as color?

well OF COURSE! unless ur blind or color blind you always see colorActually, even if you're color blind, you still see colors. People who are color blind only can't see certain colors and get colors confused with one another. But yes, colors do exist.

Is a cow color blind?

Not exactly. They still can see colour, but not the reddish hues.

What was britain's royal airforse called?

the royal air force (raf). it was formed in 1918 and still at present day

Can color blind people dream in color?

If the person has always been blind, then they wouldn't dream about colour. They would not know what any colour looks like. If they were not always blind, then they can still see colour in their dreams.

What was the RAF and what country did they fight for?

The RAF is the Royal Air Force, the air force of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. They are still around today, and fight for Britain in Iraq and Afghanistan. Royal Air Force Great Britians Air Force

A color blind woman and a man with normal vision have a son what is the probability that their son is color blind?

The probability of these two having a color blind son is close to 0 (though it is still possible). This is because color blindness is a recessive gene while normal vision is the dominant gene. Even though the son might not be color blind, he will still carry the color blind gene. *The above answer is wrong.... The Probability of the son being color blind is 100%. The color blind gene is recessive and is located on the X chromosome. Mom has two X's and the dad: XY. The dad is not a carrier (and cant be) because he only has one X, and it can't carry the gene or he would express it. The mom passes an X to her son and the dad passes his Y. The son has to have a color blind X because the mom is colorblind and the dad has no effect on whether or not his son is colorblind. Therefore, the son will be colorblind.

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