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Q: Can you still be pregnant if he uses a condom and the condom was used right and he came in the condom?
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Can you still get pregnant if he came in the condom?

No so long as none of his semen came out of the condom into the Vagina.

Can you get pregnant if he had no condom came inside you?

Yes nothing is 100%

Can you get pregnant if he ejaculated and then when he pulled out the condom came off?


Can you get pregnant if you didnt use a condom and the guy came on your stomach?


Can you get pregnant if a condom got stuck in your vagina an he ejaculated in it?

Yes, if the ejaculatory fluids came in contact with your vagina you can get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if the guy kept his penis inside you after he came and the condom slipped off?


Can a women fall pregnant if a man came on her virgina?

Yes, unless you wear a condom.

If you have protected sex and no sperm came out but the condom tore can you still be pregnant?

You cannot be certain that a very small amount of sperm did not come out, so pregnmight occur.

Is there any chance i could be pregnant as me and my partner used a condom and the next day i came on my period?

Why are you even thinking about it? Of course you are not pregnant.

Im suppose to be pregnant but your period came on are you still pregnant?

Nope your not pregnant

Is there a chance that you might be pregnant if the condom came off inside of you but had spermicide on it?

yes if it is on the outside and you wont if it is on the inside

Yes when i was pregnant before but im on the pill and you used a condom and took a home pregnancy test that came out negative should you be worried?

I'd be worried if you remained on the pill if you were pregnant. But if you are one the pill and a condom is in use, then 99.9% of the time you wouldn't get pregnant.

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