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Yes, Spotting is common during pregnancy.

2006-07-26 22:38:02
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If You bleed after sex very light and about two weeks later you got your period could you be pregnant?

No Silly You Have Your Period So Your Safe Not Pregnant

You are on antibiotics and birth control Alesse and had unprotected sex and a week later got your period on time but seems light could you be pregnant?

If you got your period after you had sex then you cannot be prenant...unless you had sex again after your period.

Can you be pregnant if you have intercourse then have a light period followed by a heavy period two weeks later?

Normally, if you have a period, that means you are not pregnant. Of course there can be exceptions, and in the case of doubts, you might ask your doctor.

Can you still have your period and be pregnant i am 17yrsold the condom broke 2weeks before my period and then again about 1 week before but i had a period which only lasted 4days and wasnt reg.?

You can have a light or unusual period bleed and be pregnant, yes.

When period started light for one day then heavy the next then light again is that a sign that your pregnant?

no it doesnt mean that you are pragnant.ita normal

Could you be pregnant if your period was light and short for the first time?

could you be pregnant if you period was short and light

How light can your period be while pregnant?

You don't get a period while you're pregnant

Can you still be pregnant if your period starts out really light then heavy and then light again but is very short?

yes best bet is to get a pregnancy test.

You used the pull out method and a few days later you had a light period can you be pregnant?

you could be it is very normal to have a light period but if you had any clots at all then you are probably not. it helps if you know when your ovulating

You should have had your period on the 18th of the month but you had it on the 20th it was very light brown discharge not normal like you ussually have it Could you be pregnant?

It's possible to have a very light and later 'period' (it is in fact not a period) when you're pregnant. So it would be wise to do a pregnancy test just in case.

Can i be pregnant and still have a light unusual period but negative hpt?


If you had intercourse on day 4 of your period and stop bleeding 2 days later you have light brown clot does that mean your pregnant?

No you are not pregnant. The best time to become pregnant is 5 to 8 days after your period (14 days before the next one)

Can you get pregnant a week before a period and have a light period?


My period was a week late an now im bleeding light with cramps and im not sure if its implantation or period and i had unprotected sex a month ago but had my period right after can i be pregnant?

same here i had unprotected sex 6days ago and 1day later im on my period that weird shouldn't i be pregnant not on my period..??

I had my period and it was light for a few days then got a little heavier and then light again and it lasted longer than usual could i be pregnant?

If you were pregnant you wouldn't be getting periods. and if you have asked that question think did you have sex recently

Could you be pregnant if you have a light period that looks like pink show?

you can't have your period if you're pregnant

Could I be pregnant I had light pink spotting for 4 days and then it stopped...2 days later it started up again but it's very very light pink like almost nothing What can it be?


Can you have a light period and be pregnant?

Yes definitely.

How can you tell if you are pregnant if you do have a light period?

Spotting could be mistaken as a light period. I would suggest going to see a doctor because you could be pregnant.

Can you be pregnant if your period comes on early?

You don't get your period (bright red, light, heavy, light) when you are pregnant. In early pregnancy you could have implantation bleeding around the time of your period (light pink/brown and spotting)

In the beginning of october you got your period and it was heavy and 3 weeks later you got it again but it was light and lasted a day what can that be causes from?

You is stupid. (:

You think im pregnant but you got your period and its light?

You could be pregnant because spotting does occur during pregnancy, but you might just be having a light period.

Had normal period then started again for 3 days 12 days later?

Had my normal period dec 6th thru the 10th had sex on the 11th again on the 15th started light bleeding on the 20th for 3 days .

Could you be pregnant if you're supposed to start your period in a couple of days but and could this be your last period and still be pregnant?

If your period doesnt arrive or its very light then yes you could be pregnant. If its normal then no your not pregnant.

Can you be pregnant if you had your last period on the 4th and again on the 26th but both times it only lasted for one day?

Some women do continue to have a light period while pregnant. You should take a HPT as soon as possible and find out. Good luck!