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Can you still be pregnant if you have -1 HCG blood test and 10 urine tests negative but all symptoms of pregnancy and period over 3 weeks late?

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2009-08-05 19:08:16

Although, most of the time, a quantative result below 5 HCG

normally means that you are not pregnant, it is possible to be

pregnant with a HCG of 1 during the first week or two. Over the

counter pregnancy tests only detect HCG levels above 5. This has

been learned from experience as I was told by my doctor that there

is no way that I could be pregnant with an HCG of 1 when I thought

I was 2 weeks pregnant on June 16th. Evidentally that is not always

the case because I received a vaginal sonogram on August 4th that

showed a 10 week pregnancy. Thus I would have been about 2 weeks

pregnant on June 16th. I would be careful about taking the doctors

word, trust your intuition. I have an intuition that said "I am

pregnant and I don't care what any sonogram or blood test say" and

yet still trusted the doctor and kept donating plasma until the

pregnancy was confirmed on August 4th. Should have trusted my gut.

By the way, although my HCG was 1 at 2 weeks my baby is


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