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The IUD does not affect the accuracy of a pregnancy test. If you have had negative pregnancy tests, the odds are very good you're not pregnant. If you doubt the result, wait for one or two weeks before retesting.

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Q: Can you still be pregnant on the IUD and have negative tests?
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Can you be pregnant with an IUD and still have your period?

Pregnancy with the IUD is unlikely, as is a period when pregnant. Taken together, it is very unusual to be pregnant with an IUD and still have your period.

Can you get pregnant when your on the IUD but still have your pried?


Can you still get pregnant after my IUD was removed with heavy bleeding?

It's not likely that the IUD removal affected your fertility.

You gave had the paragard IUD for 4 years you are one month late for your period and you are now experiencing light spotting you have taken hpts but they are all negative Any chance you still could be?

If you are using the IUD, have spotting, and have multiple negative pregnancy tests, pregnancy is not a likely explanation.

Is it safe to get pregnant after an IUD removal?

Yes, it is as safe to get pregnant after IUD removal as it is to get pregnant before IUD insertion.

Lets say you had intercoursein july and the female has an IUD, however she thinks she is pregnant in december. She takes a pregnancy test at home and it says negative is she pregnant She hasn't had a full period since sex but with an IUD you don't always?

There is no way to be pregnant with an IUD. You also will have irregular cycles throughout the year having an IUD

If you have a IUD and you become pregnant while on it do you still have your period?

no cause you dont get a period while pregnant

Can you be pregnant when you have and IUD and having periods and is the IUD causing me to have my period?

You can't get pregnant. The IUD does cause you to have periods.

Can you still get pregnant if had you had your IUD surgically removed?

Just having to have the IUD surgically removed is not likely to have a big effect on future fertility.

Can you still get pregnant after taking out your IUD on your own?

Taking out the IUD on your own is a nervy thing to do. HOwever, it is not likely to interfere with future fertility.

Can you get the IUD inserted if you're pregnant?

No, you can't have the IUD inserted if you're pregnant.

Can you get pregnant with an old IUD in place?

Yes, you can get pregnant with an old IUD in place.

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