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Can you still eat the eggs if you have 5 hens and 1 rooster?

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Collect Eggs Daily and Eat Them Yes, just collect your eggs daily. For the first few days there is no way for you to notice any difference between a fertilized egg and one that is not. Eggs from a flock with or without a rooster are collected daily and refrigerated ensuring the development of the chick never takes place. Eggs sold today in supermarkets are infertile as there are no roosters with the laying hens. Eggs bought from roadside stands, farmers markets and some health food stores can be fertilized since the small flock owner often does own a rooster. Fertile eggs that have not been incubated and stored in cold conditions are indistinguishable from any other egg you might buy. There is no nutritional difference between fertile and infertile eggs but there really is a big difference between the taste of a farm fresh egg and those bought at a large store.

2008-04-29 12:46:57
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Q: Can you still eat the eggs if you have 5 hens and 1 rooster?
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Can you eat the eggs while you have a rooster with the hens?

Of course you can.

Do you need a rooster to have eggs to eat from hens?

Hens will lay without a rooster, you just need a rooster for (dubious) protection and if you want to hatch chicks.

Do you eat hens or roosters?

we eat the rooster because the hen might have eggs

Can a hen lay eggs without a rooster and are they safe to eat?

My hens are never left with a cockeral or rooster as I own only hens (except from my chicks) and the eggs are definitely safe! :)

Will hens lay eggs in same cage as rooster or does the rooster intimidate the hens so they won't lay?

That will never happen. The rooster Protects the hens. They are truelly close. I had a rooster that wouldnt eat until the hens ate. If we gave them bread he would peck it then drop it in their mouths. A hen would have no problem laying eggs.

Can you have 4 roosters and only 2 hens And will they get alongand can we eat the eggs?

no that wont work. the roosters will end up fighting. you need one rooster and how ever many hens you want. and yes you can eat the eggs. To add: the optimum number of hens per rooster of medium-sized birds is 12. Maximum, 20.

How do hens lay eggs without the rooster?

Any female creature can create eggs. A male is required to fertilize eggs, but unfertilized eggs do not require a male. So, if a hen has not been fertilized by a rooster, she lays unfertilized eggs. These eggs can never hatch into chicks, but they can still be eaten. Eat them up, yum!

Can a egg hatch with a rooster?

Do you mean, can a rooster lay an egg? The answer is no. Only hens can lay an egg. Do you mean, will a rooster incubate an egg till it hatches? The answer is no, only hens incubate the eggs. Occasionally a rooster that doesn't know any better will sleep in the nestbox but he is not there to incubate and could actually break and eat the egg instead. Do you mean, will a rooster chick hatch out of an egg? Yes, both roosters and hens come from eggs.

Do hens lay fertilized eggs?

Only if they have mated with a rooster. Even if a rooster in in a flock though, her eggs may not be fertilized, as he may not have mated with her. In that case, if you really want the hen to lay fertilized eggs, you could consider penning the rooster and hen up together for a few days.Actually, you can eat the fertilized eggs. It really makes no difference.The answer to your question is that yes, hens lay fertilized eggs, but only if she has mated with a rooster. If she hasn't, the egg isn't fertilized.

If have several breeds of hens and one rooster will the eggs hatch mix breed hens and will the egg be healthy to eat?

An egg is an egg. Some will taste stronger than others but all will be good.

How do you stop roosters from eating the hens eggs?

To reduce the chances of egg eating by the rooster you need to provide the hens with dark nesting boxes, birds do not like to eat in the dark, but they do like to lay eggs in dark areas. Use smaller doors on the nest boxes, hens will crawl in but roosters will not. Most often the reason the rooster is eating the eggs is because they have been broken by the hens moving around among the previously laid eggs. To minimize this, provide larger nest with deep litter and collect the eggs more often.

Can you eat an unfertilized chicken egg?

Most eggs we buy in the store are unfertilized. You need a rooster in order to have fertile eggs, and most commercial farms keep roosters with their laying hens.

Can a rooster be fed the same food as hens?

Yes. Roosters eat exactly what hens do. Even laying mash is fine as the extra protein and calcium are fine for the rooster.

How do chickens give birth?

Chickens (or hens) lay eggs, if a rooster (male chicken) has fertilized the egg, then the egg will have the beginnings of a chick (baby chickens). Eggs, (what humans eat) are unfertilized baby chickens.

Are the eggs you eat from chickens or eggs?

They are from CHICKENS OR HENS because an egg can not produce another egg. (They are hens not chickens.)

Can you eat hens?

Yes. A hen is a female chicken; a rooster is a male chicken. You can eat either one.

How old should your rooster be to eat him?

Don't eat your rooster!! hey makes the eggs with turn into chickens ( witch you eat )

Does a hen lay eggs?

Hens lay eggs, the ones you eat.

Is it all right to eat chicken eggs even though there is a rooster with them?

There is no nutritional difference between a non fertilized egg and a fertile egg. You will not see a difference either as the germinal disk is so small it is almost invisible. Most farms with small flocks have a rooster among the hens and they sell the freshest eggs you will ever eat.

Why is a chicken egg a fertilized egg?

Not all chicken eggs are fertilized. Any egg that a chicken lays will be unfertilized unless there is a rooster around to fertilize the egg while it is inside the chicken.Chicken eggs are fertilized when a rooster is in with the hens. The rooster will breed with the hens to continute the chicken species. This is why eggs are fertilized. If you do not want your eggs fertilized, all you need to do is pull out the rooster, or roosters if there are more than one. This will cause the chickens to lya unfertilized eggs.When an egg is fertile it means it was in the beginning stage of hosting a baby. Basically, it is an egg from a hen that had previously had sex with a rooster. You probably don't want to think about that before eating them though. They are the most nutritious form of egg to eat.

Where do they sell rooster food?

Roosters do not need special food. Whatever your hens eat, will be eaten and enjoyed by the rooster. Roosters even do fine on a diet of special layer feed made for laying hens.

Do hens eat their own eggs?

yes, if you let them!

What animals the most eggs we eat?

hen and rooster

Are chicken eggs always fertile?

Chicken eggs are only fertile if they have been fertilized. The kind that people generally buy in supermarkets or grocery stores, in order to eat them, are infertile and contain no embryo. Eggs can only be fertile if the hens that lay them are around roosters, and nearly all eggs sold in stores are produced in factory farms where the hens are restricted and never see a rooster. Any that potentially would have a rooster in the flock will be specifically labeled. Even eggs labeled "free-range" are not going to be fertile if there are no roosters in the flock.

Is it safe for you to eat eggs laid by chickens who eat their own eggs?

Of course it is safe for you to eat them but on most farms it is not safe for the chicken. Eggs are a good source of protein and most hens like eggs. Eggs get accidentally broken in the nest and will get eaten by the hens but Cannibalistic hens are usually not welcome on a chicken farm as they can eat into the supply of eggs fairly quickly. Most farms will ignore the occasional broken egg being consumed by a flock of hens but any chicken that starts to break and eat eggs is usually invited to Sunday supper.