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you still can get braces; i had braces for 2 1/2 years

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โˆ™ 2010-09-29 03:31:00
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Q: Can you still get braces if you have a crown on your front teeth I'm scared it will break off?
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A crown at the front of your tooth but want braces for your front teeth and bottom can you get braces done if you have a crown?

My two front teeth were crowned when I was 10 years old. Replacement caps were done at 20 and 40 years of age. I had braces from age 13 to 16, didn't wear retainer, got braces again at 25, didn't wear retainer, got invisalign at 50 years of age. I'm wearing the retainer. Your teeth will always return to their natural configuration without a retainer. Caps will not affect if or what type of braces you may choose.

Can you get braces if you have a filling in front tooth?

Yes, you can definitely get braces with a filling in one of you're front teeth. I would know. I had a full grown tooth that got knocked out of my mouth. A kid was trying to hit a balloon but hit me in the jaw instead. I have braces now. Just be careful it doesn't break with the braces on! Hope I was helpful! :)

How do you fix gaps in my front teeth?


How do you fix a gap in front teeth?


Can a flipper be worn with braces. I know someone who is missing a front tooth and now he has to get braces. Can his flipper be worn with the braces or what will they do?

ya! a flipper can be worn with braces! i was in the same situation and got braces yesterday!

How do you fix a gap in your front four teeth?

get braces

How do you fix a gap in your front teeth for kids?


What is the word when your scared of being in front of an audience?

nervous, stage fright, scared

How do you fix a gap on the tooth next to your to the front ones?


Can you move your front teeth?

Braces can be used to move teeth.

Does Zac Efron with braces?

For a time, he wore removable braces to help close the gap between his upper front teeth.

How do you know when you need braces?

You usually know when you need braces if you have a noticeable overbite, if your front teeth touch your lips when naturally closing your mouth, or if your orthodontist says you need braces.

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