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You'd have to pay, and I wouldn't recommend it, they can be painful and require much more cleaning, they also end up making your teeth dirtier even when you clean them. It would be hard to find a dentist that would fit the braces for you.

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Q: Can you still get braces if your teeth are straight?
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Can you get braces top teeth only?

if your bottom teeth are okay and straight then they are not going to put braces in the bottom teeth , but if your top teeth are crooked and not straight , then you will only get braces at the top.

Do you still need braces even if your teeth aren't crooked just nasty looking?

No, braces are for making teeth straight. If you have other problems go to the dentist.

When do you get your braces off?

It depends on how much work needs to be done to your teeth, or how straight your teeth already are. My teeth were relatively straight, but I still need braces, in fact, I have them on right now. I will need mine for 1 and a half years, but I have a neighbor who needs hers for 3 years, her teeth were pretty bad (no offense to her), again, it depends on how crooked or straight your teeth are/were before you got/get them.

How can you get straight teeth?

Get braces

What are braces for the teeth?

They make your teeth straight. however they can separate your teeth.

Why do people need a retainer after braces?

To keep the teeth together. Sure your braces will make your teeth straight but they can open up a gap again ( if that is the reason you needed braces). So a retanier will only keep the teeth straight

Is there a surgery that makes your teeth straight?

Braces will make them straight.

How do you keep your teeth straight without braces?

I'm not really sure if you can without braces because I haven't hard of anything apart from braces that can keep your teeth straight. It also depends on your teeth alignment because I had too many teeth that didn't fit in my jaw so I had to get removable braces. If you have an overbite or underbite you probably need braces

Can you still get braces with baby teeth?

It is unlikely that you get braces with baby teeth, but if they are molars or larger teeth you can.

Can you still get braces even if your teeth are straight and you only need to fix an overbite and line up your lateral incisors with your two front teeth?


Are braces ugly?

no braces arn't ugly they make your teeth straight where they will be prettier

How can you get your teeth straight without braces?

There is no way to get your teeth straight without putting anything on them, but you can use Invisalign, which are clear braces/retainer type thing that is somewhat visible.

Why did people have braces?

to make your teeth straight

Why does Niall wear braces?

he had crooked teeth he wanted it to make it straight by wearing braces

Did Denzel Washington have braces?

no, at the age of 12, he was told his teeth were too straight for braces.

How do braces make your teeth straight?

They move your teeth. Then they keep pushing and moving.

The positves about braces for Teeth?

The main positive outcome of braces on teeth is that the patient will have straight teeth, making it harder for food to get stuck between them. There should be no gaps between teeth.

Can you still get braces if your adult canines haven't grown in yet?

Yes you can still get braces even if your grownup teeth haven't grown in yet. The braces will then be used to straighten out yur teeth for your adult teeth.

What do dentists do when you get braces and you still have baby teeth?

They don't put braces they wait for the baby teeth to fall out and if the adult teeth come in wrong then they put braces.

Do you need braces if your teeth aren't straight?

it is recomended.

What does braces mean?

what you put on your teeth to make them straight.

What should your teeth look like after you have braces?

After you get your braces off, you should have really straight teeth. unless you do what the orthodontist tells you not to do. if you want really healthy straight teeth, then you should do everything the orthodontist tells you to do. Do everything down to the very last word braces look like chains on your teeth

Did Michael Jackson have to wear braces or were his teeth naturally straight?

His teeth were naturally straight. At no time in his life was he pictured wearing braces, and as braces are normally worn during childhood, they would have been clearly visible during the Jackson 5 era had he needed them.

Will braces work?

Well, I have to get braces and my friend had them and his teeth are straight so they should work!! : D

Can you wear braces even if you have false teeth?

yes because the braces would straigten your teeth still