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Precum gets you pregnant just the same. So yes.

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Q: Can you still get pregnant if the guy does not ejaculate during sex?
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Can a girl still fall pregnant with her underwear on and the guy does not ejaculate. only pre-ejaculate?

no, she cannot

Can you get pregnant if the guy was sleeping?

Sleeping or not, there is still sperm in his ejaculate so yes.

Can a guy get a women pregnant with pre-ejaculate?

Yes. Although the chances are lower it is possible. Pre-ejaculate still contains sperm. Use a condom to prevent pregnancy.

If the guy djaculate in side you can you be pregnant?

NO it's impossible, he has to first ejaculate.

Is it possible for a guy not to ejaculate at all during sex?

Its possible butunusual

How many times can man ejaculate during sex?

depends on the guy.

If a guy smokes marijuana what are the chanes of getting pregnant from pre-ejaculate?

Same as if he wasn't smoking.

Can you get pregnant even if the guy didnt ejactulate in you?

Possible, if there was some sperm present in the pre-ejaculate.

Can you get pregnant from a girl?

The only way for a female to get pregnant is for a man to ejaculate semen into the woman's vagina. A girl can't get pregnant from a girl; a guy cannot get pregnant from a girl.

When a guy is wet can you get the girl pregnant?

Do you mean like wet with water? Yes, you could get a girl pregnant even if you are having sex in a swimming pool. Do you men wet with pre-ejaculate? Pre-ejaculate contains sperm, so it can make a girl pregnant, even it you didn't ejaculate yet.

Can a girl get pregnant if she had her shorts and panties on and the guy had his boxers and shorts on and ejaculated on the girl's shorts?

The answer to this is NO. A girl can only get pregnant IF ejaculate somehow gets into the vagina. If a girl has both shots AND panties on she pretty much should have nothing to worry about if the guy did ejaculate on her shorts.

When a male is shooting blanks what does that mean?

Shooting blanks is a slang term to mean that when the guy ejaculates he doesn't have any sperm in the ejaculate. This situation could occur after a vasectomy. Where the guy can still ejaculate, and fluid still comes out, but there is no sperm in the fluid.

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