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it is possible to get pregnant at ANY time, even if you're on your period, it is just less likely.

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Q: Can you still get pregnant if you are in your 4th day of menstruation?
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Can a female get pregnant on her 4th day of her period?

A female cannot get pregnant during menstruation as there is no egg present to fertilize. However a woman can get pregnant as a result of sex on her period as if her cycle is short there may be fertile cervical mucus present that could keep sperm alive long enough to still be around when she ovulates after menstruation.

Can Women Get Pregnant During Menstruation?

its possible. but its usually less likely. still can happen tho. i heard one day of the month u cant get pregnant.

Is it possible that a women can be pregnant if she had intercourse 1 day after her menstruation?

Yes she can.

Can you get pregnant on the 10th day from the first day of menstruation and I have a 28-30 day cycle?

Yes. Yes.

Is it possible to get pregnant when sex on third day of menstruation?

There are less chances. But it is possible.

Can a woman get pregnant two days after the last day of menstruation?

Yes, a woman can get pregnant two days after the last day of menstruation. It all depends on her menstrual cycle as to whether she is fertile that day, but it is certainly possible if no birth control is used.

Does having a one day period means your pregnant?

Menstruation means that you have not gotten pregnant - but not all vaginal bleeding is menstruation. If you're concerned about pregnancy then take a pregnancy test.

Is it possible to get pregnant during your last day of period?

Yes, because you are still fertile at this time.Refrain from coitus 5 days before and 5 days after your menstruation.

Can you get pregnant the day after your menstruation goes off even if your not ovulating at that time?

When engaging in sex there is always the risk of getting pregnant ...

Can you bleed for 1 day and still be pregnant?

you can still have periods and still be pregnant

Is possible to get pregnant in the last day of menstruation without any protection?

u wanna try?

Can one become pregnant on the 6Th day of menstruation?

i think so but you should check

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