Can you still get pregnant if you didn't have a hymen?


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Your hymen has nothing to do with getting pregnant. If you have sex and the semen goes into your vagina, you can get pregnant. That's how it happens.

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Basically, a woman can only get pregnant after the hymen is broken.

Unless she was made pregnant by IVF, her hymen would have to have been broken to become pregnant in the first place. How can you still be a virgin if you are pregnant? Think it through.

You can still get pregnant without your hymen being broken. The hymen is just a piece of skin - it doesn't prevent pregnancy

A girl cannot get pregnant if the hymen is still intact. Penetration and ejaculation have to occur for pregnancy. A girl cannot get pregnant by sitting on a toilet seat or bathing in a tub.

No, I think you are referring to the hymen which breaks when you have sex the first time, if you still have it by then. The hymen is irrelevant for pregnancy.

You don't need surgery, you obviously have a very stretchy hymen if it is still intact after intercourse and it will give naturally when the baby is born.

Nooo you can't get pregnant from a tampon, even if it breaks your hymen. To get pregnant there needs to be sperm involved lol.

You can get pregnant any time you have sexual intercourse. The hymen is irrelevant in this matter.

Yes you van still get pregnant the hymen is always torn how do you think the menstrual flow comes out there are tiny holes in the hymen and if someone comes on your vagina sperm travel and will travel right up your vagina and if your unlucky enough a pregnancy will form

Yes it is possible because you can either miss the hymen or you can hit the hymen. And when you hit the hymen that's when all the pain comes in.

loosing ones virginity is when you have sexual intercorse. some people consider having oral sex for the first time also loosing your virginity but if the hymen didnt break but you still had intercourse, its still considered loosing ones viginity.

A girl gets pregnant by having semen in her vagina. Breaking the hymen can be done by just your fingers, and can a finger really get you pregnant?(;

Yes, women can still get pregnant if they have their hymen (aka cherry). Sometimes the doctor cuts the hymen in order for the baby to come out safely. Women who still have their hymens after intercourse more than likely have thick hymens that have torn a little but not completely.

The hymen play no part in getting pregnant. It can be whole and semen is inserted on a finger and you can get pregnant. If you have intercourse unprotected there is always a risk for pregnancy whether it's your first time or not.

If someone else already "popped her cherry", yes. (And you don't really know, do you?) If the hymen is intact, pregnancy does not occur. But not every girl's hymen is, even if she's a virgin. So yes, pregnancy is possible.The hymen doesn't cover the entrance so semen can get in even if the hymen is intact.

If she got her periods that means she's not pregnant and if you didn't break a hymen (you didn't coz you didn't penetrate that far) then she's still considered to be a virgin.

If sperm go in, you can get pregnant.

yes she has to already of had her period to get pregnant and the hymen has to broken too

Yes, you can still be pregnant. Because i had sexual intercourse, 5 weeks ago and my period didnt come for 5 weeks! i got a bit worried.

there is nothing to worry about the hymen has to be broken for sperm to enter the fallopian tube.

By putting a finger in with live sperms on it works but then again you never know if the hymen will break or not.

If you had unprotected penetrative sex there is a strong possibility you could be pregnant, regardless of whether your hymen is still intact. (Though it is unlikely to be.) You could still be pregnant even if you used birth control as this is not 100% effective. Yes, the hyman is not a barrier to pregnancy.

The hymen must break and the semen must get into the open vagina to make the lady pregnant. Even if it is the first time.

Yes, could be pregnant. As far as 'didn't pop your cherry' your hymen may have been broken years ago, it does not require intercourse.

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