Can you still love someone web If you've cheated on them before but you regret you cheated?


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No. It is not possible to truly love someone if you've cheated on them. If you've cheated on them, then there's obviously something about them that you don't like and you are seeking someone else who has the quality that your person doesn't have. If you truly loved someone, you wouldn't have cheated on them in the first place. It's probably best if you told them the truth, and just moved on with your life. If they forgive you, then great. But if not, just move on. There's no point in trying to mend something that had issues to begin with.

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Unfortunately, doesn't change the fact he still cheated and you deserve better.

Well you should have thought about that b4 you cheated on her! Gosh don't do something youre gonna regret!!!!!!!! dont u think iv thought bout that now what i want to know is what 2 say to her to tell her about it

Let him have her, and find yourself someone who respects you.

two wrongs dont make a right... you just need to move on if she's not real enough to tell you the turth. if you don't have trust you dont have anything its key to a relationship

Yes you will have regret if you cheat on your soul mate! I cheated on my soul mate once and a few minutes later I felt horrible!!! Surprisingly they took me back I'm still with them today i did it too. and truthfully it is my worst regret. ever. I'm not sure how you get over it but he took me back which i should be happy about. Regret heals over time and if you firm with yourself- telling yourself its over and one with- then you should get over .

No, you definitely should have someone that loves and cares for you... baisically he should have never cheated on you. Also, you don't want someone that gets in trouble with the law. Don't worry the perfect guy will come along.

Make him jealous by going out with someone else, love him anyway or slap and find someone else that you can grow to have feelings for.

I guess the real question is why are you still talking to an ex boyfriend who was emotionally abusive? You can tell him anything you want, but it won't change him. The best thing to do is to figure out why you were attracted to someone who abused you and cheated on you. A therapist or counselor can probably help you sort it out. Do it NOW...before you marry someone like him and have his children....then you will just continue the cycle.

If you broke up with he/her before you do yell them off get backup from friends. If he/she broke up with you make them regret it by rejection.


i 've been with this guy before for years...then broke it off because of my parents.....i regret it....what do i do? please help me

you should tell him so that you will be sincere to him and to your self because if you lived with it you will just said to be a false lover

You should have known that he didn't love you when you found out that he cheated on you.

There is never a good way to tell someone you have cheated on them and although one can run a high risk of losing that someone by telling them the truth honesty is still the best policy. Try to express why you cheated and that you will never do it again. Humans are not perfect and we all make mistakes. Sit down one quiet evening or go for a walk together and tell them you love them enough to be honest and that is when you let them know you have cheated, but be sure to let them know you have learned your lesson and it will never happen again (mean it) and that you made a foolish mistakes.

ABSOLUTLY! it's okay, but do you want to live like that? if he's still lying, he'll probably always lie and who needs that? life is short, hunny. spend it with someone who's going to be good to you.

If I were in your position the first thing I would do is a good self-analyzation to figure out why I'd want to be with someone who cheated on me and could very well cheat on me again. I would try to figure out what it is about me that would settle for someone (and actually be attracted to him) who hurt and betrayed me. I'd do a thorough search of my heart, mind and memories to see if there is any hidden insecurity or memories of rejection from someone important to me (like a parent) and look for patterns in dealing with those issues. And then I would work on settling those issues within myself before I even began to approach the possibility of dating someone, especially the guy who cheated on me.

It's entirely up to you whether you date a person who's cheated on you previously. If you still find him sufficiently attractive that you're considering this, you quite possibly will do so. However, be aware the chances of him changing are practically zero, so be prepared to be cheated on again.

No, until you have married you are both still looking, however having cheated, is she really the one you want.

I think it depends on what you consider cheating did he kiss someone or did he have sex? How does he feel about it is there any remorse? Do you think he will ever do it again? follow your heart you know what to do

You should still keep it for someone that you love or at least care for. Don't pressure yourself into something because that is something you will most likely regret. And if the person cares for you he will not be bothered by the fact that you are less experienced. All the best. oliver

why men cheat,go back to wives,and still continue to flirt and stare at the one they cheated with

Yes, if both parties have admitted their faults to each other, there can be a relationship still for the two, but it still won't be easy, as there is a trust issue.

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