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Yes. Its just the matter of how you use it

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โˆ™ 2010-09-04 16:49:11
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Q: Can you still pleasure a female with a 4 inch penis?
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Can you pleasure a virgin with 3 inch penis?

yes 3 inches is enough to pleasure any virgin

Is a 5 inch penis big enough to pleasure a girl sexualy?


Can a man with a 3-inch penis pleasure a woman?

yes,The sensation in vagina only 2 inch inside. even long penis may hurt the vagina.

Your husband has a 2 inch penis and you are a black girl and your vagina is huge what should you do for pleasure?

make it work

4 inch penis will you have kids and will you impregnate a girl?

only if the 4 inch penis is erect, any erect penis that releases sperm up a female v**** can and most likely will...

Is a 6 inch penis large enough to satisfy a woman?

Ya a wamoan is usually really satisfied by a 6-inch penis,because 6-inches is how deep a woman really needs to have pleasure.

Your penis size is 4 inches is this enough for lady?

A four inch penis is enough to satisfy most women. The woman gets more pleasure in how you use your penis than the overall length.

What the penis size can a female dog take?

Anywhere from 1 inch to 12 inches.

How can you tell which one is female or male?

The male monkeys have a visable 10 inch penis that can be seen.

Is a 18 inch penis too big for a 16 year old your girl friend says it is?

I highly doubt you have a 18 inch penis and yes, it would be to long for any female's vagina.

Im 14 so why is your penis still 1 inch long?

cuz you have a pin

Im 16 and have a 7 and a half inch penis will it still grow?

If you're lucky.

Im 14 and your penis is still 1 inch long is this bad?

im 13 mate and my penis when erect is about 6 inches is ur 1 inch when uve got a erection or normall my penis when normal is about 2 inch so dont worry it may grow

Is a 6 inch penis normal?

yes a 6 inch penis is perfectly normal

Can you satisfy a women by a 5 inch penis?

A man can satisfy women with a 5 inch penis.

If your 16 and your penis is only 1 inch long will it still grow?

Normally the penis keeps growing until around 20-years-old.

Is 5 inch penis normal for a 16 year old?

I am 16 and my penis about that size too * Trust me boys as long as ur female can feel you inside her its all good.

Can one inch penis still impregnate a girl?

If you can manage to have intercourse and ejaculate then you have a chance of getting her pregnant.

Is a 10 inch penis too big?

i wouldn't say TOO big but still big but you can still have sex but it may hurt the femal more. An average size penis is 6 inches.

How small is too small for a penis?

I believe a micro penis is 3 inches when erect and below. Most of the nerve endings in the vagina are in the first 3 inches so even a 3 inch penis would give pleasure. Do not be sold the lie that you are inadequate because you do not have an 8 inch penis. Most women don't like penises that large anyway. Nice to look at but when you get down to it it is uncomfortable.

Is a 4 inch penis is that average for thirteen years old male?

Yes but I don't have 4 inch penis

What is the average width of a 9 inch penis?

9 inches. the proper 9 inch penis is a perfect square.

How big can your penis get?

22 inch

Is a 5 and a half inch penis small?

no 4 inch is small

Is 8 inch by 5 inch penis big?

no, its called a lie