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Yes. Its just the matter of how you use it


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yes 3 inches is enough to pleasure any virgin

yes,The sensation in vagina only 2 inch inside. even long penis may hurt the vagina.

only if the 4 inch penis is erect, any erect penis that releases sperm up a female v**** can and most likely will...

Ya a wamoan is usually really satisfied by a 6-inch penis,because 6-inches is how deep a woman really needs to have pleasure.

A four inch penis is enough to satisfy most women. The woman gets more pleasure in how you use your penis than the overall length.

Anywhere from 1 inch to 12 inches.

The male monkeys have a visable 10 inch penis that can be seen.

im 13 mate and my penis when erect is about 6 inches is ur 1 inch when uve got a erection or normall my penis when normal is about 2 inch so dont worry it may grow

yes a 6 inch penis is perfectly normal

I believe a micro penis is 3 inches when erect and below. Most of the nerve endings in the vagina are in the first 3 inches so even a 3 inch penis would give pleasure. Do not be sold the lie that you are inadequate because you do not have an 8 inch penis. Most women don't like penises that large anyway. Nice to look at but when you get down to it it is uncomfortable.

Normally the penis keeps growing until around 20-years-old.

A man can satisfy women with a 5 inch penis.

I am 16 and my penis about that size too * Trust me boys as long as ur female can feel you inside her its all good.

i wouldn't say TOO big but still big but you can still have sex but it may hurt the femal more. An average size penis is 6 inches.

I highly doubt you have a 18 inch penis and yes, it would be to long for any female's vagina.

If you can manage to have intercourse and ejaculate then you have a chance of getting her pregnant.

9 inches. the proper 9 inch penis is a perfect square.

You could have a 4 inch long penis and still have a magnum fit you. On the other hand have a 9 inch long penis and the magnums wont fit you. This question is to be answered based on your gurth ( thickness of your penis) If you have more girth then a magnum will fit more comfortable

its perfectly healthy. It is quite possible you haven't hit puberty yet, which will affect penis size. Also if that is 1 inch is non erect, the penis can "grow" as it is being filled with blood to be quite longer. There is also a chance that you could just have a smaller penis, which is still perfectly healthy

A 7 inch penis, if measured from the top of the penis, is actually larger than average for an adult male.

No, a seven inch penis is only about an inch or two larger than the average adult size and your penis probably won't grow much more.

i think that is big for 14 year... be happy you are still growing

I am 14 and 12 moths and I have an 8.5 inch penis. I know there are boys also in my grade how has an 9.5 inch penis

I am 17 and i have a 10 inch penis. Haha your blessed. When i was 13 it was like 8 inches. Your not normal, but your not weird, you just have a big penis!

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