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Can you still receive an injury claim five months after an accident?

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Short answer, depending upon the state yes.

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How long after an auto accident do you have to file a claim in Kentucky?

What type of claim? Damage or injury?

How does one file an auto accident injury claim?

The first step to file an auto accident injury claim is to see a doctor within a couple of days of the accident, fill out the medical forms and be sure to stick to your care plan.

What is the meaning of the term injuries claim?

An injury claim is when someone receives an injury and the claim is sent to an insurance company for compensation. If you are hurt at work, the claim would be submitted to worker's compensation. An automobile accident injury would be submitted to the auto insurance company.

Where would one go to process an auto accident personal injury insurance claim?

One would or could go to various places. These places include the DMV, or the auto insurance company which distributes their auto insurance to claim an auto accident personal injury insurance claim.

How long after accident at work can you make a claim?

In Canada you have to fill out the card and see a doctor within 24 hours of your injury. In England and Wales you have 3 years from the date of the accident or knowledge of the injury to make claim. See a doctor as soon after the injury as possible and undergo any advised treatment. You will eventually have to show that you have mitigated any potential loss for which you claim.

What should you claim for?

You should claim for whatever losses you incurred as a result of the accident, whether personal injury or property related losses.

If you win a lawsuit in a personal injury accident do you have to claim it as income on your income tax return?


Where can one find structured annuities?

Structured annuities is a legal term for a personal injury claim you can use the website national accident helpline to start the process of receiving your personal injury claim.

Can you file another claim for the same accident 4 months after?

Only on Wednesdays

What is an auto accident claim for?

An auto accident claim can be made if a person is in a car accident, but it was not their fault. The claim will aim to compensate them, and in legal terms, return them to the condition they would have been in had the accident never occurred. This may mean claims for car damage can be made, or for any healthcare or lost work as a result of injury.

Can you claim bodily injury in mothers vehicle?

Yes, you can. If she was in fault for the accident and you been hurt or injured you can make a claim and other passengers too.

What kind of company would handle an injury claim in the UK?

Accident Advice Helpline is UK's best injury claim company located in the United Kingdom. A company that seeks to help people with their injuries and get the right compensation for them deal with injury claims.

How a bank employee claim for compensation for injury while on duty?

If he/she is covered under Group Medical Insurance scheme,he/she will be entitled to claim compensation for injury while on duty in a bank. If he/she is having seperate Personal Accident Policy, he/she should file claim with the insurance company and get benefits according to the gravity of the injury.

What is the definition of Personal Injury Insurance?

you need to look into : life protection insurance, accident insurance (will cover personal injury)to cover yourself against an accident you need to look for an accident insurance.There is no PERSONAL INJURY INSURANCE. its called different.Personal Injury InsurancePersonal injury insurance is an insurance provided to ensure that should you suffer an accident or injury, you are paid a lump sum to ease the financial burden in the event.Personal injury covers a number of accidents and injuries. There is a distinct difference between personal injury insuranceand a personal injury claim.In effect, personal injury insurance is the same as Accident, Sickness and Unemployment (ASU) insurance.

How long can you make a claim regarding auto accident injury in New Jersey?

The statute of limitations on tort cases involving personal injury in that state is 2 years from the time of the discovery of the injury.

Who is eligible for personal injury accident claims?

Those eligible for personal injury accident claims are those persons who have been hurt in a motor vehicle accident no matter who is at fault. This type of claim will cover pain and suffering, lost wages, rehabilitation and medical benefits.

What is the average settlement for a lower back injury caused in an auto accident?

In the UK - the amount of compensation you can receive for an auto accident depends on the nature of the back injury you have suffered as described by a medical expert - your solicitor will instruct the medical expert as part of your claim. The is no such thing as an average settlement as for back injuries compensation can be up to approximately £260,000. Please see the related link entitled "motor bike accident" to see examples of how much compensation you can receive for various different RTA injuries including lower back injuries using a motorbike accident as an example.

If you've suffered an injury in an accident and it wasn't your fault, then there's a good chance you have the right to claim?

There is a claim at stake if you was in a accident and it wasn't your fault you can sue the other person there are some good lawyer that will help you to build your case.

What are the requirements in reporting a work related injury?

"First off, as soon as the accident or injury occurs, call 911 if you think the person needs medical attention. Then, the accident or injury has to be reported to the Office of Risk Management within 7 days. There you will fill out a form about the accident, which you will need to have if you're filing a claim for workers compensation. Also make sure to report the accident to your supervisor."

What is the number of days or months a person has to make a claim from the day of the accident?

Usually 30 days.

Can a passenger in a car accident goes to hospital a day after the event occurred and still file his claim?

File, yes, you can file a claim. You may or may not win the claim depending on the type and severity of the injury and how well documented the link between the accident and your injuries may be.

What is the statute of limit on liability on auto accident in Florida?

That would be a personal injury claim in Florida. the limitation would be 4 years after the occurrence. There may be ways of tolling the limit, such as discovery of an injury cause by the accident at a later date.

How long does it take to receive an insurance settlement from my attorney after you've agreed to a settlement?

It depends on the company. If you had an injury claim, you usually have to wait until your treatment is done. Ours wasn't paid out for 4 months.

Can you sue the insurance for injuries 7 months after a car accident?

Most states allow you to file a claim up to 2 or 3 years after an accident, but you can only sue an insurance company if they have denied your claim.

Can other drivers claim bodily injury from your insurance for a car accident in which driver is found at fault?

Yes, the driver who was at fault is responsible for the bodily injury for anyone who has been hurt in the accident. The percentage of payment that has to be made would depend upon the percentage of fault for the accident, the prevaling norms of the state or province where the accident ocurred.