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When discontinuing any prescription medication, you should always get the prescribing doctor's input first. Trileptal (generic: oxcarbazepine) is an anti-epileptic prescribed for the treatment of partial seizures.

Generally, Trileptal is started at a lower dosage which is then slowly increased over a period of time until the maximum tolerated/efficacious dose is reached. Anytime a medication is stair-stepped up to a therapeutic dose, it should also be stair-stepped down, normally for the same reasons. This is especially true of medications that alter brain chemistry, as is the case with many anti-epileptics.

You may feel "well with no problem[s]" but that is likely because of treatment. Medications should never be discontinued or decreased without a physicians instructions on if, and how that can be done safely. Also, there is always a significant risk of relapse/complications when discontinuing a medication in an unsafe manner.

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Q: Can you stop Triliptal cold turkey when you are well with no problem?
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