Can you stop paying for a part of the Condo fees?

In a word, yes. And in doing so, please acknowledge the consequences of this action, as below.

Your governing documents are clear about how the association must handle unpaid assessments. When your account becomes past due, the association will send collection notices and letters. Your association can also file a lien on your title for past-due assessments, which clouds your title and shows up on your credit report.

As a last resort, your association may sell your unit to collect the monies that you owe.


No. When you purchased your unit you agreed, by signing a contract (in some cases by signing your unit deed), to be bound by the provisions in the Master Deed including all the rules and regulations. If you breach that agreement you will be subject to whatever procedure is used by the unit owner's association for collections. Your debt will increase because costs, penalties, interest and legal fees may be added to the amount you owe.