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Yes, for one cup of shortening use one cup of butter.

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Can i substitute butter in a cake recipe?

Yes, you can substitute it for lard or shortening.

Can you substitute butter for shortening in a coffee cake recipe?

You CAN it will taste the same if not better

What can you use for shortening in a cake recipe?

you can use butter of margarine

Can you substitute shortening for margarine in peach coffee cake?

use butter flavored Crisco

Can I substitute oil for butter in a cake recipe?

When I make cookies, I substitute the eggs for the amount of oil that is asked for, but I do not know about butter

Can you replace shorting with butter in pound cake recipe?

Shortening may be replaced with butter in a 1:1 ratio.

What is a substitute for shortening when coating a cake pan with flour?

Lard, butter or margarine can all be used.

Can you substitute solid Crisco with vegetable oil in a cake recipe?

Yes, you can melt shortening and use in a cake recipe. It will change the texture and possibly add heaviness to the cake, but it will still be good.

Can you use butter instead of shortening in a black forest cake when the recipe calls for both butter and shortening?

Yes, might taste a little different but still delicious!

Can you use all margarine in your pound cake recipe instead of shortening and butter?

Yes you can use All Margarine for your pound Cake.

What can you substitute for oil in a cake recipe?

You can use melted butter or vegetable oil if you want to substitute for regular oil.

Can you substitute margarine for shortening in cake recipes?

Yes, you can use margarine instead of shortening in cake recipes. However, a recipe may use a particular fat because it has an effect on the flavour. For example, butter is traditionally used in shortbread because of the buttery flavour it gives to the finished product. Shortening is traditionally used in steamed pudding because it gives it a particular flavour.It is best to follow the recipe instructions on which type of fat to use as it will affect the flavour, although in many cases margarine and butter may be used interchangeably. I wouldn't however, exchange butter or margarine for shortening, as it may adversely affect the flavour of the cake.

Can vegetable oil be a sub for shortening in a cake recipe?

Yes, just substitute one cup for one cup and so on.

Can you substitute shortening for oil in a cake mix?

You could substitute shortening for oil in a cake mix, but it is not recommended. The resulting cake made with shortening will have a noticeably different texture and mouthfeel. Yes you Can. Shortening.. or Hydrogenated Oil is basically poison anyways.

Can you substitute shortening for oil in brownie recipe?

Yes but the texture of the brownies might be effect, might be more cake like then fudgy.

What can be used instead of shortening in a cake recipe?

Butter or lard can be used instead of shortening in cakes. Some types of neutral-tasting oils, such as vegetable oil or canola oil, can be used in many cake recipes.

Can you substitute butter for vegetable oil in a recipe for zucchini muffins?

Yes you can, but butter tastes way better and butter makes it taste more like cake.

Can you use 1 cup butter instead of 1 cup shortening in a cake recipe?

Depending on the recipe, It should work. Shortening was used as a replacement for butter along tima ago to reduce the price of products and to use up shortening or lard. Try to taste the finished product in your head and see if butter would go with the product. Chef Frank

Can you substitute margarine for butter in a pound cake recipe?

YesA different answer:Butter is a major ingredient in pound cake and the primary source of flavor. Substituting margarine for butter might produce a cake, but it would be an imitation of a pound cake, just as margarine is an inexpensive imitation of butter.

Can you substitute oil for shortening in a cake recipe?

Yes, but the results might not be the same. Liquid oil and solid shortening have slightly different properties. You might need to use slightly less oil for similar results, when "creaming" shortening the results do not work for oil, but this step would be dispensed with when using oil. Butter or lard, which shortening was designed to replace, will get the same results as shortening.

Can you substitute milk for butter in a cake recipe?

No. In most recipes, you could use another type of fat, margarine, shortening, oil, lard if your really had to. Milk would not have enough fat content and much more moisture.

Can you substitute cream for milk in cake recipe?

Yes, you can substitute cream for milk in a cake recipe, and your cake will be richer (and more fattening) as a result.

Can you substitute applesauce for butter in a cake recipe?

Depends on the cake recipe; pound cakes or Victoria sponges rely on their fat content to tast right. Don't substitute apple sauce in these. For other cake recipes, you should be able to substitute 1/3 of the fat for apple sauce - you may need to reduce the quantity of any other liquids in the recipe (since apple sauce is far more liquid than butter).

Can milk substitute butter milk in a red velvet cake recipe?

yes it can (p.s it even tastes better!)

Buttercream frosting asks for butter and shortening have no shortening just use a lot of butter?

You can substitute an equal amount of butter for the shortening; just keep in mind that the frosting will be much less resistant to heat, so if your cake will be in a warm environment, you may end up with puddles of buttercream on the table! If your recipe doesn't already call for egg whites, I would add a tbsp of meringue powder (or one egg white) to the recipe, to help the buttercream crust a bit; this may help with the stability of the frosting.