Can you substitute coconut oil in baking for butter?

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I suppose it would depend on what you are baking. I have used coconut oil to replace butter in my gluten free pineapple up-side down cake. I have not yet tried to use it for other baking, but it works beautifully in the cake recipe.
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Can margarine be substituted for butter when baking?

Margarine can be substituted for butter in most cases. Sometimesa recipe states that no substitution is allowed. When the recipecalls for unsalted butter it will change the ta

When baking muffins how do you substitute oil for butter to make moist muffins?

"Dont make muffins buy them they taste better bought idk why but they just do my favorite muffins are the choco chocolate chip ones they are so good especially when you eat th

Can you substitute oil for butter in a baking recipe?

YES! For cakes and breads there shouldn't be a problem. You can't really use oil in most cookies. You would probably want to reduce other liquids just a little bit depending o

Can you substitute peanut butter for butter for baking?

Generally no. Peanut butter acts differently than butter, and it is not a dairy-base. The texture/consistency can also be very different. It should not be substituted for butt

Can butter be substituted in place of vegetable oil in baking strawberry cake?

I have often interchanged 'fats' when baking depending on what I had on hand. Sometimes it slightly changed the texture of the final product, but sometimes it didn't. Butter h

Can vegetable oil be substituted for butter in baking?

No. In many baking recipes, a combination of butter and sugar provides a solid base. Once the batter is baked, the butter melts over time and is spread evenly throughout the g
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Can you substitute coconut milk for oil?

Probably not, they're both very different consistencies and fat contents. A better substitution would be butter.