Can you substitute extra virgin olive oil for vegetable oil when baking cornbread?

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Olive oil will burn at low;er temperature than vegetable oil, and it will alter the flavor, but it would work in a pinch.
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What makes olive oil virgin or extra virgin?

Virgin refers to "first". Virgin oil usually refers to the firstbatch of oil that is extracted after the first cold press. It isgenerally a little thicker and more stable under hotter conditions(cooking). "Extra virgin" refers to the very first cold press ofthe olives. This is the oil in its most ra ( Full Answer )

Can you substitute olive oil for vegetable oil?

Yes, you can substitute olive oil for vegetable oil, but not for all dishes. Olive oil has a strong taste. You would probably not want to use olive oil in most Indian cooking and definitely not in baking. Make sure that the taste of olive oil is compatible with your other ingredients.

Can olive oil be substituted for vegetable oil in a cake receipe?

Never heard of that one. A common substitute though is Apple Sauce. Replace apple sauce for the vegetable oil and you will get a much moister cake. The proof is in the taste ... try it, you'll like it.. You can definitely do it however: I'm eating a piece of cake made with it right now!

What is the difference between olive oil and extra virgin olive oil?

Regular olive oil isn't as purified or as good as extra virgin.Extra virgin is sweeter, and does better in recipes than regularolive oil. Extra virgin is from the first pressing of the olives.Regular comes later after the olives are pressed again and a lot ofthe olive taste is no longer in the oil. ( Full Answer )

What is extra virgin olive oil used for?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is darker and has a more pronouced olive taste than other olive oils. It is particularly suited to salad dressings and sauces. For baking (unless you are making olive bread) a lighter olive oil or canola oil would be preferable.

Can you substitute olive oil for vegetable oil for cooking?

A qualified YES, if you are cooking vegetables, meat etc - things that the taste of olive oil won't interfere with. However, in sweets - cakes etc. the taste of the olive oil is too overpowering, so I wouldn't recommend it.

Is extra virgin olive oil the same as olive oil?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil This is the highest quality of olive oil. Note that extra virgin olive oils vary widely in taste, color, and appearance. Their taste and aroma should reflect the fact that they were made from olives and have some positive attributes (that is, they cannot be totally tasteless ( Full Answer )

Can you use extra virgin olive oil for muffins?

It depends on what type of muffins you're baking. Extra virgin olive oil is the most flavorful of olive oils, being the product of the first pressing of the olives; therefore, it has a very distinct, olive-like flavor. So, if you're making sweet muffins, it would be better to use canola or vegetable ( Full Answer )

Can you substitute grapeseed oil for vegetable oil in baking?

Grapeseed oil is a brilliant oil to use for most purposes. Not sure about deep frying, as this would possibly destroy the goodqualities of this fine oil in particular. I have used this oil in baking for many years with only goodresults to show.

Can vegetable oil be substituted for butter in baking?

No. In many baking recipes, a combination of butter and sugar provides a solid base. Once the batter is baked, the butter melts over time and is spread evenly throughout the goods. Using melted butter or liquid oils will weigh down your batter and cause the bottoms of your goods to be greasy and/or ( Full Answer )

Can you substitute olive oil with vegetable oil for baking and frying?

Yes, to some extent. The taste of olive oil will be noticeable in the final product, so olive oil can only be used in products where that taste will be acceptable. Olive oil also has a lower smoke point than other oils, so it is not appropriate for frying at high temperatures.

Can you substitute vegetable oil for olive oil in a salad dressing?

yes you can but it completely changes and disrupts the taste of the dressing another response: Yes, but you need to consider the flavor of the salad dressing. Olive oil has a distinctive flavor, so if you use a different oil, your salad dressing will be less flavorful. Another response: The ( Full Answer )

When to use olive oil or extra virgin?

whenever u think you need it 4 foods. i put olive oil in salads nd its VERY good. omg i love it. if u like salad nd u like olives nd oil, you'd love salads w/ olive oil.

What can you use as a substitute for oil in cornbread?

Butter, margarine, shortening, melt and let cool. For most things, fat is fat and will produce pretty much the same product. This works for replacing oil, the reverse is not always true. You wouldn't want to use oil in place of butter in sugar cookies.

Is extra virgin olive oil good for you?

It is healthier than canola oil or vegetable oil. Both are notgreat for you, though. NOTHING IS GREAT FOR YOU. -YA GURL AK ;)

Can you use extra virgin olive oil for cooking?

Absolutely. It can be used as a substitute to other oils, as it is much healthier, and it lowers cholesterol. Different types of extra virgin olive oil have different flavours (depending on olives, region etc.), and all can be used as substitutes

When baking can you substitute vegetable oil for cooking oil?

"Cooking oil" is actually a broad term for purified fat derived from plants which is normally liquid at room temperature. "Vegetable oil," when used to label a cooking oil product may refer to a specific oil like rapeseed oil or to a blend of different oils. Not all vegetable oils are edible - some ( Full Answer )

Can you substitute vegetable oil for olive oil to get rid of lice?

I have used olive oil to get rid of head lice. Instead of using the typical pesticides, I slathered on some olive oil and let it sit for 20-30 minutes. Then using a fine tooth comb to get rid of the lice and nits. Shampoo the oil out of the hair. It may take a couple of latherings. Hair will be supe ( Full Answer )

Can you substitute vegetable oil for olive oil in making brownies?

If the idea of chocolate-covered olives sends you into paroxysms of delight, by all means go ahead and use olive oil. Please label these sinister things, though, so that normal humans know to avoid them. I suggest "sediment of foul evil", though "olive oil brownies" is probably sufficient.

Is extra virgin olive oil the same thing as vegetable oil?

Yes and no. Extra Virgin Olive Oil IS a vegetable oil but it is quite expensive and tastes very special. This means that cooks would use the term "vegetable oil" to refer to a cheap cooking oil such as 'Corn Oil', 'Peanut Oil' or 'Maize Oil' and reserve the 'Extra Virgin Olive Oil' for flavorin ( Full Answer )

Is extra virgin olive oil is the best oil?

Extra virgin olive oil is the first oil pressed from the olive. So for that type of olive, it may be called the best. I'm sure you could find some type of olive you don't like, in which case its extra virgin won't be as good to you as regular of some other type.