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You could, but it would probably be better to brown your tofu before adding it. If you do not mind using processed foods, companies like Morning Star also make vegetable based chicken meat substitutes.

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If you want to cut down on cholesterol then scrambled tofu.I just love chicken roasted with some nice sauce.

You can make fake chicken with tofu and spices.

I know they call him Dubu, Chicken, and Tofu. Dubu and Tofu are just things we fans made up, and we call him chicken because he really loves chicken :)

The Chicken Pattie is made of 30% of Tofu and 70% of chicken breast.

Yes, tofu is edible. Tofu is a substitute for meat, in case vegetarians would like something that tastes like meat, without really eating it. Personally, I would prefer a Boca Burger to a tofu burger, but that's just me. Anyway, tofu is edible.

No, chicken bouillon is not a good substitute for lobster base. A good substitute for lobster base is fish stock.

You can use silken tofu to replace eggs in mayonnaise.

Silken tofu is a food, so I'm not entirely sure what you mean by a "food equivalent" for it... If you mean a 'meat equivalent, there is none. And if you mean 'a substitute for' silken tofu, normal tofu will usually work if the recipe is savory. But don't use regular tofu as a replacement for silken in an ice-cream/mousse dessert; in this case there is no replacement for silken tofu.

can you use chicken in stead of tuna in tuna helper

It's considered a protein substitute for meat.

most people can eat anything unless they have allergies vegetarians can not eat meat or poultry such as chicken or steak a good substitute would be tofu vegans cant eat anything made from animals such as butter or milk a good substitute would be soy

what is a substitute for marsala wine in chicken marsala recipe

try a scrambled tofu recipe. There are egg substitutes at health food stores.

There are tofu cheeses , however they are not very good in recipes.

Tofu is a delicious vegan food made from soybeans. It is used as a substitute for meat products in main dishes. Fungi and bacteria are integral in the process of making tofu, since tofu is just fermented soybeans, and foods cannot ferment without the aid of bacteria.

you can substitute eggs with -milk (150 ml ok milk for each egg) -tofu -blended bananas (adds sweetness)

beans, meat, chicken, tofu, nuts, egg and fish

Turkey soup often includes turkey or a turkey substitute such as tofu, carrots, potatoes, beans, corn, chicken stock, butter or margerine, water and any other desired vegetables.

If you want, you can substitute chicken thighs for turkey thighs in a recipe. It will give your recipe a different taste.

No, tofu does not contain uric acid. However it contains purines, which our body breaks down into uric acid. Tofu has however between half to a third of the uric acid contained in meat, so tofu is recommended as a meat substitute for people suffering from gout. Soy milk seems to cause more problems than tofu, so stick to tofu or to fermented soy products such as miso or tempeh.

Powdered egg substitute can be used when making a cheesecake. Flax seeds, tofu and banana are some alternatives to eggs when baking.

Tofu needs to contain tofu to be tofu. So yes, tofu contains tofu. Tofu is made from soybeans.

That depends upon what you are making. If you are making chicken soup, you can use actual chicken instead of a chicken stock cube.

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