Can you substitute whisky for bourbon?


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Yes, Bourbon is a type of whisky. Its taste difference will be imperceptible to those who do not regularly drink whisky. And likely to many that do!

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No, it is a single malt Scotch whisky

No. It's a Canadian whisky.

No, it's a Canadian whisky.

Scotch is whisky (also perhaps Canadian). Bourbon and Irish are whiskey

Yes, whiskey can be used. Note: bourbon is an American whisky.

Neither. It's a Canadian whisky.

Coal mining, horse racing and bourbon (whisky).

You can try using a teaspoon of vanilla for every tablespoon of bourbon the recipe calls for.

Maker's Mark are a company which produces a range of whisky drink products. It is bourbon whisky distilled in the Loretto, Kentucky region of the USA.

Bourbon. there is several issues hiding in your question let´s break it down. 1 If it is Bourbon it is named Whiskey not Whisky this is a tradition from Irland followig the new imigrants in US Correct would be American Whiskey .. Bourbon is one of them Whisky from Scotland (UK) is by law defined as grain or barley based destillation up to maximum 95% and then matured a minimum 3 years on oak. If only Barley normally destilled in Pots then it is Malt Whisky If only Grain normally destilled in patent stillt then it is grainwhisky If blended then it is Blended whisky ... what normally is named a scotch 2 Bourbon is Whiskey produced in Kentucky specifically in the county Bourbon it is not allowed to sell alkohol - 3 Bourbon is made out of "NOT Barley" basically Corn Whiskey is stored on frech American Oak barrels Whiskey is typically destilled at higer % than malt whisky but lower than grain whisky 4 There is other American Whiskeys ... not just Bourbon ... Jack Daniels is one that is very alike but is not made in Kentucky ... and with an add on ... filtering through thick layer of coal from maple wood.

The charred oak wood that soaks up the whisky as it's aging.

Bourbon is Whisky produced in the United States that does not exceed 160 proof when distilled and is produced from a mash of a minimum of 51% corn. It is stored at no more then 125 proof in only new charred oak containers.

= "Dad's Drink" = 2 parts Canadian Whisky 1 part Sweet Vermouth Cherry = The Classic Manhattan = 3 parts Canadian Whisky 1 part Sweet Vermouth Cherry Dash Bitters = The "Perfect" Manhattan = 3 parts Canadian Whisky 1/2 part Sweet Vermouth 1/2 part Dry Vermouth Cherry Dash Bitters = The Bourbon Classic = 3 parts Bourbon 1 part Sweet Vermouth Cherry Dash Bitters = The Bourbon "Perfect" Manhattan = 3 parts Bourbon 1/2 part Sweet Vermouth 1/2 part Dry Vermouth Cherry Dash Bitters

I think they had every general type of alcoholic beverage we have today. Whisky, bourbon, rum, vodka, beer and wines.

Drambuie is a liqueur that consists of scotch whisky, honey, and herbs. You could probably substitute it with any other scotch with a little bit of honey blended in.

...Because that is what defines it as Scotch. Just as Bourbon is only made in the county of Bourbon, Scotch is only made in Scotland. Both are versions of whiskey (whisky in the case of scotch), so when made elsewhere it is simply whiskey.

They're different styles of whisk(e)y. Bourbon is made primarily in the US while scotch can only be made in Scotland. Scotches have different flavor profiles depending on which part of Scotland the whisky is distilled, but should still have a smoky flavor. Bourbon usually tastes sweeter in constrast.

Jack Daniels is a sour mash Tennessee whiskey. It's a type of bourbon whiskey, not scotch whisky or Irish whiskey.

It depends. Bourbon is a subset of whiskey. Other whiskeys include Tennessee, Scotch, Canadian, and Rye. Using Scotch or Canadian whiskey in place of bourbon would not be advisable because of taste differences. If bourbon is not available, try a Kentucky or Tennessee whiskey like Early Times or Jack Daniels. Happy mixing!

Because it contains a fifth of a US gallon. Many spirits made in North America - such as Bourbon whisky, for example- are usually sold in fifths.

My go-to drink is cheap whiskey (bourbon, generally) with Diet Dr. Pepper. Give it a try and thank me later :)

The difference is that whisky is made from a distilled beer. After the distillation process, the whisky has a higher alcohol content. Read http://tastingnotesnyc.com/2013/07/11/whiskey-101-the-difference-between-rye-scotch-irish-and-bourbon-whiskeys/ if your still confused.

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