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Ought to work. Ginkgo's are zone 5 trees. I've seen them in northern Indiana; Tampa shouldn't be a problem.

See the USDA's site for tree hardiness.

I see them in Kissimmee(zone 9)

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How many miles is it from Tampa FL to Plant City FL?

The direct distance between Tampa, Florida and Plant City, Florida is 22 miles (35 km).The driving distance from Tampa to Plant City is 23.9 mi- about 27 mins.

What plant is the most closely related to the ginkgo?

The plant most closely related to the ginkgo is the conifers.

What is distance seminole hard rock casino in Tampa Florida to plant city Florida?

The distance from Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tampa, Florida to Plant City, Florida is 18.6 miles. The average driving time is 19 minutes.

Where is the Henry B. Plant Museum in Tampa Florida located?

The address of the Henry B. Plant Museum is: 401 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33606-1450

What cities are between Lakeland FL and Tampa FL?

It is 35.3 miles to Lakeland and Plant City between them is only 25.2 miles from Tampa, Florida.

What is Chicago's area code 813o?

813 is the area code for cities in Florida: USA - Florida - Oldsmar USA - Florida - Plant City USA - Florida - Tampa USA - Florida - Temple Terrace USA - Florida - Zephyrhills

What city does tony dungy live in?

Tony Dungy lives in Tampa, Florida. His son goes to H.B. Plant High School and plays football for them in South Tampa.

What is the web address of the Henry B. Plant Museum in Tampa Florida?

The web address of the Henry B. Plant Museum is:

What is the phone number of the Henry B. Plant Museum in Tampa Florida?

The phone number of the Henry B. Plant Museum is: 813-254-1891.

Is ginkgo non flowering seadbearing plant?

Yes.they are Dr willam

Is there such a thing as a Dioecious flower?

It means that a plant has separate male and female plants. Ginkgo has separate plants. The female ginkgo produces a stinky fruit.

Should you plant chili pepper plant next to your tomato plant?

I have sucessfully grown the chilli pepper and tomato plants side by side for many years.

Where is the Rooms To Go Distribution Center Plant City Florida?

I4 between Tampa and Plant City, huge building, can't miss it, right on I4, only open to public on weekends

You are part of a plant you fall off deciduous trees On a ginkgo you are fan-shaped What am I?

a gymnosperm

Is a daffodil a gymnosperm?

A gymnosperm is a seed-producing plant including conifers, cycads, Ginkgo and Gnetales. They have "naked seeds".

What plant life can you find in Florida?

you can find different types of plant in florida.

What is the scientific name or taxonomic classification of the poisonous plant Maidenhair tree?

The scientific or taxonomic name would be Ginkgo biloba.

What is the fastest and easiest plant to grow in Florida?

The fastest and easiest plant to grow in Florida is an orange.

What plant part protects the seeds of a conifer until they are mature?

The cone is the part of the plant that protects the sees of a conifer until they are mature. Conifers are Gymnosperms like the ginkgo trees and cycads.

What are some examples of tracheophytes?

A tracheophyte is a vascular plant. Some examples are ferns, ginkgo, horsetails, clubmosses, flowering plants, and coniferous trees and shrubs.

How far is plant city Florida from Tallahassee Florida?

about 250 miles

Plant life in Florida?


What is the plant life in Florida?


What is the drive time from Plant City FL to Tampa FL?

half an hour

How can you plant a Ginkgo seed and get it to grow?

A Gingko seed can often benefit from a period of stratification. Alternately, the seed can be scratches so that its seed coat is easier to break.