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I have actually sued a collection agency for harassment so he is my advice to you.. Anytime this company calls get the name, time, date and write down what the conversation was about, almost exact words of what they said. If you can get a tape recorder (this is illegal in some states, so be carefull) and record the conversation. If you really think they are harassing you to the point that you feel that your privacy has been violated or embarrissed, then you need to contact a lawyer and see if you have a case. Most times they will not charge to give legal advise, and if they think you do have a case they will just put their fees into the settlement fund. I actually got 20,000 from a collection agency. It doesn't hurt to try...

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Lien against spouse not on title?

Can a collection agency place a lien on a home belonging to a spouse not on title?

Can a collection agency put a lien against your home for late and unpaid unsecured debt in Pennsylvania and if so could that lien ultimately cause you to lose your home?

Unless the collection agency is an assignee for a firm who provided labor or materials for your real property, they cannot place a lien against your home. They can, however, obtain a judgment, which will act as a lien against your home. They cannot foreclose on your home unless the debt is secured to a mortgage or deed of trust.

Can collection agency put a lien on your bank account in sc?

It is possible for the collection agency to put a lien on your bank account. Before they can do this, they must go through the proper procedures first.

FDCPA in Florida protect home from credit card collection agency?

How much can a credit card collector do with a lien on your property in Fl

Can collection agency put lien on home in attempt to collect a charged off debt?

If they obtain a judgment against you, some state's houses are protected

Can the collection agency sue for car that is worth 12000?

Yes - they can, or they can put a lien on the vehicle.

Can a credit card company or collection agency put a lien on your home before first taking you to court or can they get a judgment against you with out you knowing about it first?

No. Court is a must

If you get sued by a collection agency and own nothing what can they take from you?

wage garnishment, file a lien against you, etc.

Can child support take your home in California?

No; however, the agency can file a lien on your home for past-due support. That lien will have to be satisfied before the home can be sold.

Can a collection agency put a lien on a newly purchased home which has your name on the deed?

No, almost definitely not. What they can do is take you to court and win a judgment against you. If that judgment isn't satisfied, they can obtain a court order to garnish your wages. What they can't do is threaten you with jail or putting a lien on your home. Know your rights. Check out the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act online.

Can a collection agency put a lien on your car or home when you returned the rental property over 3 years ago?

A collection agency doesn't have the power to do anything other that aggravate you. They can with the agreement of the original creditor turn your account over to a collection attorney. The answer to your question is NO! For the amount in question it would be a small claims court judgment (if they got one). I assume there was an outstanding balance on the rental They might be able to get a wage or bank account garnishment. But that too is questionable. If anyone from a collection agency has told you they can place a lien against your property. They are in violation of the FDCL and could be fined or sued for their actions.

Will a tax lien show up on your credit report if it is paid immediately after it is filed and there is no collection agency involved?

yes , sorry

Can a collection agency place a lien on property owned by several family members?

Yes, its a risk of doing business with family.

Is it legal for a collection company to place a lien on student loan money?

the collection agency doesn't do that. the federal quarantor and/or the department of education have the only power to place liens or offsets

If you owe a lot of money to a hospital in Florida should you pay the collection agency or the hospital?

Can Florida homeowners lose their homes if they owe a hospital money? Can hospitals in Florida take your home if they have a lien against it?

Can a collection agency put a lien on your federal tax refund?

Most definitely for almost any loan. If it is a student loan, you can count on it.

What do you do to get your money back when a collection agency put a lien on your bank account?

It is assumed the creditor won a lawsuit against you and the court issued a judgment lien. You should have had notice of the hearing and received a letter of judgment against you from the court. You must pay off the lien in exchange for a release of the lien. You may also go to court to challenge the validity of the lien, the lien amount or raise any other matter that might affect the legality of the lien. When a collection agency first puts a lien on a bank account. The bank usually may not give those funds to the collection agency immediately. Notice of the lien is given to the debtor, who then has a short time period to apply to the court to object to the turn over of the bank account to the agency. If an objection is made, the bank will not give over the money until the court rules on the objections and issues an order directing the bank to pay all, some or none of the bank funds to the agency. If no action is taken by the debtor within that time period, the bank may turn the money over to the agency without a court order. See related link.

Is your home exempt for collection in a car repo?


Can collection agencys put a lien on property for unseccured debt?

Yes, collection agencies can do this. However, first they need to sue the borrowers and obtain a judgment from the court against the general assets of the defendants. Usually, a judgment will become a lien on any real estate property the borrowers own. If the collection agency does not go to court to sue for a judgment, however, it can not place a lien on a home. And not all states or counties may allow judgments to be attached as liens, although many do allow this process.

Can a third party buy a tax lien at a auction. and can the home owner still keep his home?

Yes, in theory. A lien is recorded assertion of an unpaid debt, so a town could sell its lien to a collection agency (if laws permit) and that agency could then foreclose on the lien by obtaining a court judgment on the debt. However, many states frown on this and make it much easier for the town to simply auction the property itself to the public, take the proceeds in satisfaction of the debt, remove the lien, and let the new owner evict the taxpayer (or rent to the taxpayer, if preferred). A third party might have a harder time of getting the lien foreclosed.

Can a levy be placed on your bank account for unpaid medical bills that have gone to collection agency in the state of Wisconsin?

The collection agent would have to file a lien against your assets, AND prove their case, but, yes, if you have verifiable unpaid medical bills a lien CAN be placed against your assets by the court.

How can you find out how much a lien is on a vehicle?

Contact a lien search agency.

If a collection agency is attempting to collect a debt from a deceased person can they put a lien on the deceased's house?

A creditor can seek payment from the estate after the death of an individual. That may include a lien on property to which the lending institution has interest.

Can a collection agency going after the debt of the cosigner of your auto loan put a lien on your car?

Only if the 'co-signer' also has an ownership interest in the car.

Does a collection agency need a court order to repossess a vehicle - hospital bills?

The collection agency cannot reposses the vehicle unless they are the lien holder. If they are, they do not need an order of replevin to seize the vehicle unless they live in one of the few states that require such. If the collector does not hold the lien on the vehicle they will be required to file suit against the debtor, receive a judgment and execute said judgment as a forced sale or a lien of/on the judgment debtor's vehicle.