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Absolutely, but there are steps you should take first, like documentation through letter writing and filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commision, which regulates collection agencies. Check out the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse (see Web Links on the right) or search Federal Debt Collection Practices Act and you can find what your rights are and what to do to keep them intact. Good luck.

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Q: Can you sue a debt collector for harassing you at work after you told them not to call you there?
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Can a creditor call you at work in Maryland?

Debt collectors can contact people at their place of employment until that person request the agency/collector cease from doing so. Once the debtor has told a creditor/collector to no longer contact them at work the collector must do so. If after notice a collector continues such action they are in violation of the FDCPA and should be reported.

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Is it true that if I write a certain letter to debt collectors saying I will not pay this bill and if you do not respond to this letter with in 30 days that you have to clear me of all debt or somet?

You can call a Debt Reconcilliator they helped me when I bought a trailer and then changed my mind before delivery. They sold my debt to a bank and they wouldn't stop the transaction from going through even when I had over a month before possession. My bank told me change your bank acct, if they don't get any NSF hits you will be fine, then I called the Debt people and told me to write this down. Dear Sirs/Madam I am not financially responsible for the item or bill that I did not want for your company as of a certain date. So please quit calling and harassing me or you will hear from my solititor etc. Call and find out the exact wording but there are conditions you have to meet. No NSF on the acct. You told them and the bank you didnt want the transaction to go through etc. Talk to the debt people they are great and its free. At least something in this life is FREE. Hope this works for you. This great idea is not for getting you out of your visa bill its for contracts more. Check your phone book for debt problems. Take Care.

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Statute of limitations has expired on a loan but you are still getting calls and threats at work?

A debt collector should not be contacting you at work if they have been told not to.Statute of limitations vary by states.Debt collectos do not care if the statute has expired. You could send the collector a certified letter requet a receipt and they may stop ,as they know this can hold up in court.

I settled a debt for less than owed now I am being contacted by a debt collector for the remaining amount but original company won't send a confirmation that the debt was settled-what can I do?

You need to contact a lawyer right away. Mention to the initial company that if they do not provide proof of payment and a letter showing that the debt was settled that you will initiate a law suit against them. If they told you verbally that this is what was going to happen then you may still have to pay the amount. For more information on mortgages go to

How do you get a civil judgment removed from credit report and how do you fight the debt collector when they told you they would not take you to court but they brought a default judgment against you?

I have a civil judgment against me and the mobile home wasn't in my name. It is showing up on my credit report. How do I dispute it?

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Can you still be called at work concerning a debt or is this now considered harassment?

A creditor can contact a debtor at work unless these calls are prohibited by the employer or the creditor has been told not to call debtor at work. You can also contact the creditor, in writing, to request that all calls cease and all communication be done by mail. Then the creditor will be able to contact you one more time to let you know phone calls will be discontinued. The first answer was right on the money, but remember, it HAS TO BE IN WRITING for the debt collector to be forced to comply.

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