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Without a written agreement, it will be difficult but not impossible to prove your. You might have other proof like cancelled checks for who actually made the payments. The phone bills might show who the calls were going to. If there are a bunch of calls to his, that might provie that he was using the phone instead of you.

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Q: Can you sue an ex for unpaid cell phone bills and loans without documentation that it was a loan?
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How do you write a condonation letter for partially unpaid loans?

There is no script for writing a condonation letter for partially unpaid loans. Most letters are written from scratch. They address the loan granters and reasons for loan going partially unpaid.

What do borrowers need to provide when applying for no documentation loans?

Even though no documentation loans by definition do not require any documentation, the prospective applicant still needs to provide some proof of income.

Does check into cash sue over unpaid loans?

no they do not

Can SSA be garnished for unpaid student loans?

Sure can and so can your tax refund go to the loans.

Do unpaid bank loans in Dubai affect your police clearance certificates?

They can result in arrest, so yes unpaid bank loans will affect your police clearance certificates.

Can the federal government garnish the total amount of your social security check?

For unpaid taxes and unpaid student loans, yes.

Can you be served for unpaid payday loans in Houston tx?

If by "served" if you're asking if you can be sued for the unpaid balance of the loan, yes you can.

What types of people usually qualify for a low documentation loan?

Low documentation loans are for people who can't get a regular loan. People who qualify for low documentation loans include people who are self-employed or unemployed, or have recently immigrated to the United States.

What does it mean number of outstanding loans?

How many unpaid debts do you have?

If someone leaves Australia with unpaid credit card bills and moves to Europe will the bad credit follow him?

no it will not,but if you have taken out loans prior to departing Australia you will be tracked once back in Australia or arrested once on arrival by the feds.

What provided loans to veterans?

GI Bills.

Who has this phone numbers 18776087675?

allied international its a collection agency for unpaid student loans

Are 4506T forms always required on FHA loans?

FHA loans is a Full Documentation loan, and all income will need to be verified.

Can tax refunds be witheld for hospital bills?

No, only the state or federal government and affiliated agency's (like banks holding unpaid student loans) can seize your tax refund. If you put that refund in a bank then it is fair game at that point.

Your mom is getting ready to lose her car can her SSI or Pension be touched She lives in Calif and owes 17K on the car She has 1400.00 a month coming in lives with your sister and has really no bills?

A persons SSI can not be garnished, except by the Government ie: IRS ect. However, if the money is in a bank account, it can be garnished for unpaid auto loans or personal loans.

No Credit Check Loans?

No Credit Check Loans is a kind of loans that avails you cash money to manage your emergency expenses like paying for the electricity bills, car repair bills, laptop repair bills. The special thing about this loan program is that this loan is designed for those people who have poor credit scores and they have been denied loans from all the loan agencies. Using this loan, you can avail loan for your cars, personal loans, home loans etc. This loan is available to the students also under the No Credit Check Student Loans as well.

What do you need to qualify for student loans without cosigner?

Student loans are provided without consigner based on needs. For example if you are independent from your parents, you can qualify for student loans without cosigner.

What is the statute of limitations for unpaid internet payday loans in the state of Ohio?

Payday loans are based on a written agreement or promissary note. In Ohio the statute of limitations is fifteen years.

What bills does bankruptcy cover?

Bankruptcy cover credit card bills. Bankruptcy can also cover outstanding debts from doctors, utility bills, and bank loans, as well.

Is there extra loans for school to help out with bills after school is already paid for?

In the UK yes, there are also student loans to help with living expenses.

Can a privately owned entity seize your tax refund to satisfy a debt?

No. Only the IRS can keep your federal income tax refund, and only for unpaid child support or alimony, unpaid federal or state taxes, student loans in default, and any unpaid federal or government debt.

Can IRS take your refund for a garnishment?

ONLY for: 1-Unpaid delinquent student loans 2-Prior unpaid taxes 3-Delinquent child support

Can a payday loan center sue for unpaid loans in Utah?

Yes, they can. Often they will. At that point the collection of the debt is largely out of your hands.

Would businesses survive withut loans?

Businesses can not survive without loans.

Can a landlord take from your tax refund?

No. The IRS will take an income tax refund for back federal or state taxes, unpaid child support or alimony, student loans in default, and any unpaid federal or government debt.

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