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I live in California and I never heard some cases about a spouse suing the spouse because of affair or cheating. The only way a spouse might get in trouble is when and if his having an affair and not supporting his children under age. But for a wife getting in trouble because of her cheating, it will be hard.

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Your wife cheats on you with another man. Your wife cheats on you with another woman. Your wife cheats on you with a dog. Your wife cheats on you with a horse...

Ever heard of alienation of affection? A wife can sue the husbands mistress if mistress knowingly has an affair with your husband knowing he is married.

A husband cannot sue his wife for embezzlement of their joint property. He also can't sue her if she embezzled from someone else.

You can forgive her; do you want to stay with a wife who cheats? I will forgive her once. Probably not twice.

Answer I'm not completely sure if you can sue your wife for cheating, but perhaps under extreme emotional stress you could sue her, better if you contact a lawyer.

If you are in the army and your wife cheats on you, then you can very well go ahead and file a divorce against the wife, on grounds of being unfaithful.

No. She would have to sue for divorce.No. She would have to sue for divorce.No. She would have to sue for divorce.No. She would have to sue for divorce.

You can sue your wife for divorce, but I believe you can sue her 'partner' for 'Alienation of Affection'. Contact a lawyer. If you can prove that she left you for this 'partner' you might be successful.

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An ex-wife cannot sue her ex-husband for money earned by his current wife unless there is some type of contract between the three of them.

No. The ex-wife can only sue the FATHER of the child for child support. The new wife is not a parent to the child and is therefore, not legally responsible for someone else's child.

In some States you CAN sue for Alienation of Affection .

Yes. You can sue her for divorce.Yes. You can sue her for divorce.Yes. You can sue her for divorce.Yes. You can sue her for divorce.

Well it depends. If the husband and wife are married and another man comes and has an affair with the wife, than he can sue him. Only if the woman does not like the man. If she does then she the man can't, the wife and husband simply get a divorce.

No. If your present husband is the father of the children of his previous marriage and is the custodial parent he would have to sue his ex-wife (the children's mother) for support.

A person cannot sue their spouse for breach of marriage contract. They can however sue them for divorce and end the contract of marriage.

There is no special name for a woman whose husband cheats on her. The name of a man whose wife cheats on him is a cuckold.

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