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In some towns or cities yes. We can in Canada. *Filing a lawsuit for any reason should be a last resort rather than the first choice. In US cities a motorist who has incurred damage should file a complaint with the city street department. Please be advised, generally a claim will not be considered valid if the pothole or obstruction that caused the damage was not previously reported to the proper agency.

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In Minneapolis can you sue the city for damage done to your car from potholes?

Yes you can file a claim with the city.

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What has Taylor Swift done anything for the community?

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What is gross claim and net claim?

I would guess that your gross claim is the total amount of damages done and your net claim is the damages less your deductible. The gross claim may also include the cost of adjusting the claim, like sending someone out to appraise your damages. The extra costs aren't held against you, only the total damages.

Why would a 1992 Pontiac sunbird frontin start shacking when you hit a bump?

Its probably also making a knocking noise on speed bumps or potholes and the alignment is probably pretty bad as well.The struts need to be replaced.Also an alignment would go hand in hand with this.I had my 91 Sunbird 2 door sedan done recently at Les Schwab for 400 and it drives like a sports car is supposed to now.

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