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It is impossible to sue a lender if they do not verify income you co-sign for. It is the responsibility of each person to report accurate and truthful income information for all loans.

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Q: Can you sue the lender if they did not verify income you co-signed for?
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How can you sue the person you cosigned for?

if you are from 'merica

If you cosigned for your son and the car got repossessed and he has a job and failed to pay can they sue him?

He will be the first to be sued. You will be next. Make sure the lender knows where he is working and living.

Can you sue some one if you cosigned a credit card for them and they did not pay?


Can you sue the person you cosigned for?

Yes it can be done. I'm in the process of doing so myself.

Can a lender sue if you do not have a job?

I lost my job and I have to foreclose on my home. can I be sued by the lender.

What can I do about a student loan I cosigned for and they not paying?

Sue them, you have already taken pitty on them, so if they dont show signs of paying ( take your warning) sue them

If a child defaults on a student loan co-signed by a parent can the parent sue the child to recover the amount they are forced to pay?

No, when the parent cosigned the loan, they agreed to pay what the child couldn't. * Yes, the contract that was cosigned was between the borrower's and the lender. A cosigner has the legal right to file suit against a primary borrower for financial damages incurred due to the primary borrower defaulting on the contract.

Can mobile home lender sue if you are under bankruptcy?

I don't believe anybody can sue if you are under bankruptcy.

What do you do when the repoman damages your car by trying to get in it?

You contact the lender, if that doesnt work, you contact a local attorney. Sue the lender

Can a cosigner of an apartment sue the people he cosigned for after they were evicted and left him to pay unpaid rent and other fees?

Yep - sure can.

Can a payday lender sue you if you were not approved for the loan?

No. If you were not approved for the loan, no loan was made and therefore you don't have any responsibility to the lender.

Can a lender sue you if they sold your car without letting you know they were selling it?


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