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Yes. It sounds like he was negligent in not properly installing a part that he knew or should have known that if not properly installed would have caused the damage.

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Why does the left side cv keep throwing off boot when it is new I have replaced it 2 times don't get more then 50 ft from the drive what could be causing this?

You might want to check how it is installed and if it is installed correctly. If it is installed correctly, then take it in to a mechanic, and have it looked at. chances are, if the boot is brand new, it might be the car. who knows. Some boots require a special tool to properly tighten the clamps, without that tool it can't be installed correctly.

Why did the engine light come on after replacing the spark plugs on a 2004 pt cruiser?

One of the spark plug wires may not be installed properly causing a misfire.

When an automobile is not properly in tune it will not burn the fuel properly causing what to build up on the engine?


How do you repair a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee lift gate?

I'm not a mechanic but I had a problem with my 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee lift gate not closing properly, seemed to move to the sound causing a noise. I replaced the lift shocks and the problem disapeared

What is causing the heater to blow cold air in 2002 Mercury Mountaineer?

you would have to see a mechanic about that problem

Harmonic balance is rubbing on control arm causing sparks?

Check the motor mounts, frame and steering components to see what is damaged or bent. See if the idler arm is installed properly and is not oriented wrong, and DON'T drive the vehicle until you solve the problem.

What is causing your 1995 Toyota Previa spark plugs to not spark?

could be , bad plug wires, bad distributer cap more than likely to be a bad coil or a bad condensor

What do you know by diagnosis?

A diagnosis can tell you (as the patient) what the doctor thinks you have. It can be used by a mechanic who then tells you what is causing that funny noise.

Your 7.5A ignition fuse keeps blowing in my 1990 Toyota celica?

You have a short to ground or a bad connection that is causing the circuit to "draw" too many amps, causing the fuse to go out. This will be hard to diagnose. Sometimes the wires in the distributer module area inside the distributer cover will crack with age and allow the spark out to ground. Could be a bad module or igniter module on firewall. Do you have an aftermarket alarm? did they chop into your ignition circuit to add an engine kill? That is often a cause. check your battery clamps first. If there is a crustiness, that will cause a current problem. Always check your battery before all else. 9 out of 10 it originates there. Good luck. sounds like mechanic time...

Can you sue the judge for not evaluating your child support case properly causing me hardship?

No I am afraid not.

What is causing squeaking sound underneath rear end of a Ford Explorer?

H how long does it take for a mechanic to change a ingnition switch.

What is causing the Knocking in engine on 96 Infiniti j30?

What is causing this 93 j30 shakes at idle and slow excel code 34/51 : infiniti online mechanic? Code 34 is a knock sensor code.

Why do you go through so many radiators?

Most likely they are being installed incorrectly or something else is causing the problem

What could be causing a high pitch sound in the engine that changes with acceleration?

perhaps water pump, or clutch bearings. Get thee to an auto mechanic.

When starting a computer a customer can no longer select two of the operating system that are installed which file may be corrupted and causing this error?


When starting a computer a customer can no longer select two of the operating systems that are installed Which file may be corrupted and causing this error?


What is terotogen?

Teratogens are substances that can cause fetal deformities by causing some cells to not form properly when the baby is in the uterus.

What is a self-adjusting brake kit?

The self adjuster brake kit is replacement hardware for the adjuster for the brake shoes. If there is a problem with the adjuster it might allow the brakes to back off causing a brake failure. If you are changing this yourself be aware there is a left and right side, if these are mixed up or not installed correctly you will have a brake failure. Best to leave it to a qualified mechanic.

Why does your riding mower leave an uncut strip down the middle?

probably center blade on deck is jambed, or blade is broken and or missing I am having the same problem with may 42" Scott's riding mower. The blades are new (there are only 2 blades , no center blade) and are installed properly. The belt is also new and installed properly. The uncut middle area is more predominant in thicker or taller grass. In the center of the front of the mowing deck is a roller (to keep the deck from bottoming out ) which may be causing the grass to flatten and not be cut. If anyone else has had this problem and has a solution I would be interested in it.

What causes water pipes to rattle?

It's called water hammer. It's caused when a valve is sudden opened or closed. It's usually happens with fixtures that draw large amounts of water like washing machines. You can install water hammer arrestors near the fixtures that are causing the problems.They were not strapped properly when installed.Pipe isn't properly fastened to keep it from knocking. An anti-hammer arrester installed in cold water line should help eliminate knocking. The knocking caused by sudden burst of water pressure in line when a valve or faucet is opened.

Why is heat bad for the computer?

It increases the frictional component within the hard drive causing the computer to overheat and not function properly.

What is it called when homologous chromosomes fail to separate properly causing to the gametes to have too many or too few chromosomes?


What is the symptom of a person whose vein valves are not functioning properly and are causing fluid to flow away from the heart?

Swollen veins

What role does energy play in the changing of states of matter?

Energy is everything around us, causing everything to move properly.

What is the noraml warrenty on a new head gasket?

Most mechanic shops offer a 1 year 20k warranty on work done. As for a blown head gasket,if something else caused it (low antifreeze causing over heating)your mechanic shop will probably not give you warranty.